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Immunology Series

Table 1 summarizes the activities of hemopoietins on immature and mature basophils. IL-3, GM-CSF, and IL-5 enhanced basophil histamine release and in-vitro survival, while G-CSF, M-CSF, and IL-4 had no enhancing activities at all. In addition, IL-3 and GM-CSF induced basophil chemotaxis.

Hirai, K.
Morita, Y.
Miyamoto, T.
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Clinical and Experimental Allergy: Journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

BACKGROUND: The effect of ageing on several pathologic features of allergic asthma (pulmonary inflammation, eosinophilia, mucus hypersecretion), and their relationship with airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) is not well characterized. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate lung inflammation, mucus metaplasia and AHR in relationship with age in murine models of allergic asthma comparing young and older mice. METHODS: Young (6 weeks) and older (6, 12, 18 months) BALB/c mice were sensitized and challenged with ovalbumin (OVA).

Busse, Paula J.
Zhang, Teng Fei
Srivastava, Kamal
Schofield, Brian
Li, Xiu-Min
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American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology

Although the role of arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism to eicosanoids has been well established in allergy and asthma, recent studies in neoplastic cells have revealed that AA remodeling through phospholipids impacts cell survival. This study tests the hypothesis that regulation of AA/phospholipid-remodeling enzymes, cytosolic phospholipase A(2) alpha(cPLA(2)-alpha, gIValphaPLA(2)) and CoA-independent transacylase (CoA-IT), provides a mechanism for altered eosinophil survival during allergic asthma.

Seeds, Michael C.
Peachman, Kristina K.
Bowton, David L.
Sivertson, Kelly L.
Chilton, Floyd H.
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Phytotherapy research: PTR

Allergic asthma is associated with Th2-mediated inflammation. Several flavonoids were isolated from Glycyrrhiza uralensis, one of the herbs in the anti-asthma herbal medicine intervention. The aim of this investigation was to determine whether Glycyrrhiza uralensis flavonoids have inhibitory effects on memory Th2 responses in vitro and antigen-induced Th2 inflammation in vivo. The effects of three Glycyrrhiza uralensis flavonoids on effector memory Th2 cells, D10.G4.1 (D10 cells), were determined by measuring Th2 cytokine production.

Yang, Nan
Patil, Sangita
Zhuge, Jian
Wen, Ming-Chun
Bolleddula, Jayaprakasam
Doddaga, Srinivasulu
Goldfarb, Joseph
Sampson, Hugh A.
Li, Xiu-Min
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Journal of Leukocyte Biology

DHA is a n-3 LCPUFA in fish oil that generally suppresses T lymphocyte function. However, the effect of fish oil on B cell function remains relatively understudied. Given the important role of B cells in gut immunity and increasing human fish oil supplementation, we sought to determine whether DFO leads to enhanced B cell activation in the SMAD-/- colitis-prone mouse model, similar to that observed with C57BL/6 mice. This study tested the hypothesis that DHA from fish oil is incorporated into the B cell membrane to alter lipid microdomain clustering and enhance B cell function.

Gurzell, Eric A.
Teague, Heather
Harris, Mitchel
Clinthorne, Jonathan
Shaikh, Saame Raza
Fenton, Jenifer I.
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of San'ao decoction (SAD) and its analogous prescriptions (APs), compounds of traditional Chinese herbal medicine for asthma, on airway inflammation in mice with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)- and ovalbumin (OVA)-induced asthma. METHODS: A total of 110 mice were randomly divided into control group, untreated group, dexamethasone (DM) group, small-dose SAD (SAD-S) group, large-dose SAD (SAD-L) group, AP I-S group, AP I-L group, AP II-S group, AP II-L group, AP III-S group, and AP III-L group.

Zhang, Ying
Tong, Huang-Jin
Yu, Jing-Hua
Gu, Peng-Cheng
Fan, Xin-Sheng
Xu, Hui-Qin
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Cellular & Molecular Immunology

Asthma is one of the most common chronic airway inflammatory diseases. The clinical hallmarks of asthma include elevated serum levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE), eosinophilic inflammation and airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR). Arsenic trioxide (As2O3) is considered a carcinogen; however, it has also been used to treat diseases, such as syphilis, in traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Today, As2O3 is used as one of the standard therapies for acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL). Previous studies have indicated that As2O3 can induce apoptosis in eosinophils.

Chu, Kuan-Hua
Lee, Chen-Chen
Hsin, Shao-Chi
Cai, Bao-Chang
Wang, Jin-Hong
Chiang, Bor-Luen
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Many formulae of traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) have been used for antiasthma treatment dating back many centuries. There is evidence to suggest that TCMs are effective as a cure for this allergenic disease administered via gastric tubes in animal studies; however, their efficacy, safety and side effects as an asthmatic therapy are still unclear.

Chang, Hung-Chou
Gong, Cheng-Chung
Chen, Ji-Liang
Mak, Oi-Tong
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