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Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Definitions of psychological abuse are reviewed and a new definition proposed, operationalized as an extension of an existing measure of childhood, the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse (CECA). This semistructured, investigator-based interview is designed for use with adults to collect retrospective accounts of childhood adverse experience. The CECA extension identifies nine subtypes of psychological abuse, with a single global severity rating.

Moran, Patricia M.
Bifulco, Antonia
Ball, Caroline
Jacobs, Catherine
Benaim, Kate
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Biological Psychiatry

BACKGROUND: Do genetic or epigenetic factors play a role in making some individuals more vulnerable than others to loss of attachment figures or other traumatic experiences? METHODS: DNA was obtained from growth phase entrained Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) transformed lymphoblast cell lines from 143 adopted participants. Genotype of the serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region (5HTTLPR) was determined, and methylation ratios for each of the C-phosphate-G (CpG) residues were assessed using quantitative mass spectroscopy.

van IJzendoorn, Marinus H.
Caspers, Kristin
Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian J.
Beach, Steven R. H.
Philibert, Robert
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Journal of Religion and Health

Though research has shown that religion provides a protective influence with respect to a number of health-related outcomes, little work has examined its influence on patterns of alcohol (especially binge drinking) and tobacco consumption among Latinos in Texas. Thus, we used a probability sample of Texas adults to test this relationship via logistic regression. Our results revealed that clear distinctions emerge on the basis of both denomination and frequency of attendance.

Garcia, Ginny
Ellison, Christopher G.
Sunil, Thankam S.
Hill, Terrence D.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Religion and Health

The purpose of this study is to explore spirituality within the Health and Physical Education (HPE) learning area, through investigating children's experiences within three Brisbane Catholic Education primary schools (Queensland, Australia). There are seven dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational, which are all strongly connected (Robbins et al. in A wellness way of life, 9th edition, McGraw Hill, USA, 2011).

Lynch, Timothy
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Zeitschrift Fur Psychosomatische Medizin Und Psychotherapie

OBJECTIVES: The study examines attachment representations and psychosomatic symptoms of Catholic priests and other pastoral professionals in Germany. METHOD: We conducted structured biographical interviews with 83 Catholic pastoral professionals (47 priests, 36 lay pastoral workers). Attachment representations were diagnosed by use of the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System (AAP). Psychosomatic health data (Brief Symptom Inventory - BSI-18) were taken from the associated German Pastoral Ministry Study.

M¸ller, Jakob Johann
Loetz, CÈcile
Altenhofen, Miriam
Frick, Eckhard
Buchheim, Anna
Baumann, Klaus
Man Ging, Carlos Ignacio
Publication Title: 
Journal of Advanced Nursing

The words 'nurse' and 'nursing' originate in the word 'nurture' which dates back to the 14th century. 'Nurturance' appeared for the first time in the 1976 Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary and in a United States dictionary in 1983. Etymologically and semantically bound to nursing, little is known about the term nurturance.

Geissler, E. M.
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

To study the social and psychological consequences of induced abortion on the relationship between the pregnant woman and her partner, 92 patients seeking a socially indicated abortion, who had a stable partner at the time of abortion, were interviewed. Standardized psychological measures were used to assess their partnerships before abortion and on follow-up 1 year later.

Barnett, W.
Freudenberg, N.
Wille, R.
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Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The relationship of depressive disorders with early parental losses and rearing experiences was studied among 120 pregnant women. They were diagnosed following the Research Diagnostic Criteria using the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia. Loss experience was defined either as loss of a parent before the age of 16 by death, or separation for 12 months or longer. The perceived rearing experience was examined by administering the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI). An onset of depressive disorders, antenatal depression, was observed among 19 (16%) women.

Kitamura, T.
Toda, M. A.
Shima, S.
Sugawara, M.
Publication Title: 
Comprehensive Psychiatry

Erotomania is a rare disorder in which an individual has a delusional belief that a person of higher social status falls in love and makes amorous advances towards him/her. Little is known about the background, classification, treatment, or outcome of individuals with this disorder. The purpose of this study was to evaluate current criteria for diagnosing and classifying primary and secondary erotomania in addition to examining course, outcome, and impact on victims of erotomania.

Kennedy, N.
McDonough, M.
Kelly, B.
Berrios, G. E.
Publication Title: 
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

This study compared the personality attributes associated with self-report versus interview assessment of romantic attachment. Twenty-three-year-olds (N = 83) completed the Romantic Attachment Interview, the Experiences in Close Relationship Inventory, and measures of response bias, self-enhancement, and self-insight. Five psychologists evaluated the participants' personality.

Gjerde, Per F.
Onishi, Miyoko
Carlson, Kevin S.


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