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Alloantibody can be a major barrier to successful organ transplantation; however, therapy to control antibody production or to alter its impact on the allograft remains limited. The goal of this review is to examine the regulatory steps that are involved in the generation of alloreactive B cells, with a specific emphasis on how known mechanisms relate to clinical situations in transplant recipients. Thus, we will examine the process of activation of mature, naÔve B cells and how this relates to de novo antibody production.

Stegall, Mark D.
Moore, Natalie
Taner, Timucin
Li, Han
Dean, Patrick G.
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BACKGROUND: The impact of influenza vaccination on in vitro parameters of cellular and humoral immunity, anti-viral titers, and clinical outcome was evaluated among cardiac transplant recipients. METHODS: Blood was collected from 29 patients before and 3-4 weeks after influenza vaccination and tested for phenotypic changes in lymphoid subpopulations and generation of antibodies against the allograft and vaccine. RESULTS: Vaccination did not change the percentage of lymphoid subpopulations and did not induce generation of anti-HLA alloantibodies.

Kimball, P.
Verbeke, S.
Flattery, M.
Rhodes, C.
Tolman, D.
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