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Dermatology (Basel, Switzerland)

BACKGROUND: There is increasing evidence for the extensive use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by patients with psoriasis. Clinical research in the arena of CAM and psoriasis treatment is evolving and includes some randomized controlled trials. OBJECTIVE: To study CAM use among patients with psoriasis attending a dermatology clinic in a major university hospital in northern Israel. Prevalence, reasons for CAM use and its relevance to doctor-patient communication were emphasized.

Ben-Arye, E.
Ziv, M.
Frenkel, M.
Lavi, I.
Rosenman, D.
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The low rate of coronary heart disease (CHD) in France compared with other developed countries with comparable dietary intake has been called the French paradox. We explored this paradox by looking at alcohol, diet, and mortality data from 21 developed, relatively affluent countries in the years 1965, 1970, 1980, and 1988. We assessed wine, beer, and spirits intake separately. France had the highest wine intake and the highest total alcohol intake, and the second lowest CHD mortality rate.

Criqui, M. H.
Ringel, B. L.
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Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine

From antiquity to the 1920s, the frequency of asthma and especially death from asthma was considered to be rare. In fact, asthma was not considered a significant cause of death during the early years of the 20th century. The Frenchman Armand Trousseau declared in his Clinique Medicale that "asthma n'est pas fatale" ("asthma is not fatal"). In the United States, Oliver Wendell Holmes had described asthma as a "slight ailment that promotes longevity." Clearly this perception of asthma has changed for many reasons.

Meza, C.
Gershwin, M. E.
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Schizophrenia Research

Some forms of epigenetic abnormalities transmitted to offspring are manifested in differences in disease incidence that depend on parent-of-origin. To explore whether such phenomena might operate in schizophrenia spectrum disorders, we estimated the relative incidence of these conditions in relation to parent-of-origin by considering the two grandfathers' countries of birth. In a prospective cohort of 88,829 offspring, born in Jerusalem in 1964-76 we identified 637 cases through Israel's psychiatric registry.

Harlap, S.
Perrin, M. C.
Deutsch, L.
Kleinhaus, K.
Fennig, S.
Nahon, D.
Teitelbaum, A.
Friedlander, Y.
Malaspina, D.
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Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy

This prospective study aimed at examining the role of trait internal resources and coping strategies in predicting traumatic exposure and levels of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms after such exposure. In total, 870 Israeli students participated in the study, of whom 182 (20%) reported a lifetime history of traumatic exposure at baseline (t1), and a total of 231 (27%) respondents reported traumatic exposure during follow-up (t2, t3).

Gil, Sharon
Weinberg, Michael
Publication Title: 
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Five studies examined the contribution of attachment style to mortality salience effects. In Study 1, mortality salience led to more severe judgments of transgressions only among anxious-ambivalent and avoidant persons but not among secure persons. In addition, whereas anxious-ambivalent persons showed immediate and delayed increases in severity judgments, avoidant persons showed this response only after a delay period. In Study 2, anxious-ambivalent persons showed immediate and delayed increases in death-thought accessibility after death reminders.

Mikulincer, M.
Florian, V.
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

The hormonal treatment of advanced prostate cancer involves life disruptive side-effects, such as impotence, libido loss and bodily feminisation. Conflicting views on the weight of the disruption they cause as against the therapy's survival benefits currently underlie debates over its appropriate mode of administration and its optimal timing in cases that do not necessitate immediate intervention.

Navon, Liora
Morag, Amira
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Journal of Adolescence

The distinct role of mothers and fathers in shaping the quality of relationships with romantic partner was explored. One hundred and twenty 17-year old girls were observed during their senior year in high school with each of their parents during a Revealed differences task [Allen, J. P., Hauser, S. T., Bell, K. L., Boykin, K. A., & Tate, D. C. (1994). Autonomy and relatedness coding system manual, version 2.01. Unpublished manual] and filled out questionnaires pertaining to their relationships with romantic partners.

Scharf, Miri
Mayseless, Ofra
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New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development

In recent years young people's lives have been characterized by postponement of developmental timetables, inconsistencies of transitions, and loss of direction in life. Data from a longitudinal study of Israeli young adults show that the capacity for setting realistic work and love goals reflects inner strengths and is associated with adaptive outcomes. Less-articulated love and work goals are associated with underlying personality difficulties and are predictive of less stable and less adaptive outcomes.

Shulman, Shmuel
Nurmi, Jari-Erik
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Psychological Reports

This study evaluated the associations between television viewing and love styles. The Love Attitudes Scale (LAS), based on Lee's love style taxonomy, was administered to a sample of 338 unmarried Israeli students along with questions about TV viewing habits, current involvement in a serious romantic relationship, and marital intentions. A confirmatory factor analysis of the LAS indicated that the expected six-factor solution adequately fit the data. Correlations between individual love styles and TV viewing were small to moderate, ranging from .12 to .29.

Hetsroni, Amir


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