Kanamycin Resistance

Publication Title: 
Genetics and molecular research: GMR

Finding an efficient and affordable treatment against malaria is still a challenge for medicine. Artemisinin is an effective anti-malarial drug isolated from Artemisia annua. However, the artemisinin content of A. annua is very low. We used transgenic technology to increase the artemisinin content of A. annua by overexpressing cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (cyp71av1) and cytochrome P450 reductase (cpr) genes. CYP71AV1 is a key enzyme in the artemisinin biosynthesis pathway, while CPR is a redox partner for CYP71AV1. Eight independent transgenic A.

Shen, Q.
Chen, Y. F.
Wang, T.
Wu, S. Y.
Lu, X.
Zhang, L.
Zhang, F. Y.
Jiang, W. M.
Wang, G. F.
Tang, K. X.
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