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Health Progress (Saint Louis, Mo.)

As part of its mission to honor human dignity and to care for the poor and vulnerable, Catholic Healthcare Partners (CHP), Cincinnati, has made a systemwide commitment to address housing needs in the communities it serves. A priority for the system is providing safe, affordable housing options for the low-income elderly. CHP's approach goes beyond "bricks and mortar," however. The system aims not only to provide a home for senior adults but also to enrich their lives.

Artis, Bobby
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In an attempt to gain insight into the motivations of blood donors and nondonors, two paper and pencil questionnaires were developed and mailed to approximately 7,000 individuals. In response, 1,429 nondonors and 200 donors completed and returned usable questionnaires. Among donors, awareness of the need for blood, altruism, and investment for the future (blood credit) were the chief motivating factors. Among nondonors the major deterrent was belief in medical disqualification.

Leibrecht, B. C.
Hogan, J. M.
Luz, G. A.
Tobias, K. I.
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Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

The authors investigated whether students who selectively volunteer for a study of prison life possess dispositions associated with behaving abusively. Students were recruited for a psychological study of prison life using a virtually identical newspaper ad as used in the Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE; Haney, Banks & Zimbardo, 1973) or for a psychological study, an identical ad minus the words of prison life.

Carnahan, Thomas
McFarland, Sam
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Palliative & Supportive Care

OBJECTIVE: Hypnosis is an adjunctive, noninvasive treatment with few side effects that can be useful in the management of chronic pain. However, it has fallen into disfavor in recent years and is often perceived by physicians as simple charlatanism. We evaluated the efficacy of this treatment as used clinically in a large, mostly rural, pain management center. METHODS: We conducted a chart review of 300 pain patients from the Pain Treatment Center of the Bluegrass who had undergone hypnosis for their pain concerns.

Thornberry, Thomas
Schaeffer, Jennifer
Wright, Peter D.
Haley, Mindi C.
Kirsh, Kenneth L.
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Public Health Nursing (Boston, Mass.)

This study explored health-related and organizational religious activities in an Appalachian community and identified cultural issues in the development of religion-health partnerships. Partnerships between religious groups and health providers are a channel for health promotion efforts to vulnerable populations and must be approached from the culture of the community.

Simpson, M. R.
King, M. G.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

BACKGROUND: Persistent pain is a frequent complaint among older adults and can greatly decrease quality of life while also contributing to other negative outcomes such as poor health, increased pharmaceutical medication usage, increased rates of depression, and cognitive decline. OBJECTIVE: The current study (N = 69) examines the potential impact of massage therapy (MT) in older adults (60+ years) with persistent pain, by comparing self-reported health outcome scores among those who have and have not utilized massage therapy in the past year.

Munk, Niki
Kruger, Tina
Zanjani, Faika
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Explore (New York, N.Y.)

Content on integrative healthcare and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is being taught in hundreds of educational programs across the country. Nursing, medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic, and other programs are finding creative and innovative ways to include these approaches in new models of education and practice. This column spotlights such innovations in integrative healthcare and CAM education and presents readers with specific educational interventions they can adapt into new or ongoing educational efforts at their institution or programs.

Sierpina, Victor S.
Kreitzer, Mary Jo
Cunningham, Alastair J.
Elder, William G.
Bruckner, Geza
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