Liverpool Care Pathway

Publication Title: 
Palliative Medicine

BACKGROUND: Hospital is the most common place of cancer death but concerns regarding the quality of end-of-life care remain. AIM: Preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the Liverpool Care Pathway on the quality of end-of-life care provided to adult cancer patients during their last week of life in hospital. DESIGN: Uncontrolled before-after intervention cluster trial. SETTINGS/PARTICIPANTS: The trial was performed within four hospital wards participating in the pilot implementation of the Italian version of the Liverpool Care Pathway programme.

Costantini, Massimo
Pellegrini, Fabio
Di Leo, Silvia
Beccaro, Monica
Rossi, Carla
Flego, Guia
Romoli, Vittoria
Giannotti, Michela
Morone, Paola
Ivaldi, Giovanni P.
Cavallo, Laura
Fusco, Flavio
Higginson, Irene J.
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