Lymphatic Metastasis

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BACKGROUND: Among patients with well differentiated papillary thyroid carcinoma who generally have an excellent prognosis and a near-normal lifespan, there exist subsets of patients who have significant risk for morbidity and mortality from this disease. It is important to define the patterns of disease progression and the clinical outcome of such patients to develop effective surveillance and treatment strategies.

Vassilopoulou-Sellin, R.
Schultz, P. N.
Haynie, T. P.
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Voprosy Onkologii

There is a considerable variation in individual lifespan among cancer patients with identical diagnosis. We used damped exponential approximation, which includes both single- and double-compartment extension, for radiobiological assessment of survival curves among cases of breast, lung and oro-pharyngeal cancer. It was shown that in certain cases (breast--T2N1-2M0T3N1-2M0 and oro-pharyngeal cancer--T2-4N1-3M0) the curves can be identified with the two compartments which in turn are associated with different rates of mortality.

Bochkareva, T. N.
Ekimova, L. P.
Nemkova, E. V.
Sokurenko, V. P.
Shutko, A. N.
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Cancer Research

Deregulation of beta-catenin signaling is an important event in the genesis of several human malignancies including prostate cancer. We investigated the effects of apigenin, a naturally occurring plant flavone, on prostate carcinogenesis in TRAMP mice and further elucidated its mechanism of action. Oral intake of apigenin by gavage at doses of 20 and 50 microg/mouse/d, 6 days per week for 20 weeks, significantly decreased tumor volumes of the prostate as well as completely abolished distant-site metastases to lymph nodes, lungs, and liver in TRAMP mice.

Shukla, Sanjeev
Maclennan, Gregory T.
Flask, Chris A.
Fu, Pingfu
Mishra, Anil
Resnick, Martin I.
Gupta, Sanjay
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Japanese Circulation Journal

In a 64-year-old male, recurrent syncope, hypotension and bradycardia developed repeatedly. The systolic blood pressure fell and could not be measured by auscultation method and the heart rate decreased to under 20 bpm. He recovered from unconsciousness in several minutes. No precipitating cause was apparent for such episodes. Physical examination revealed swollen lymph nodes in the upper cervical regions. Carotid sinus massage caused a fall of systolic blood pressure by 40 mmHg and the P-P interval lengthened to 1.96 sec. The otolaryngeal examination showed neoplasma in the pharynx.

Murata, M.
Ojima, K.
Morikawa, M.
Aizawa, Y.
Arai, Y.
Shibata, A.
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Journal of the National Cancer Institute

The improvement in the life expectancy of women with breast cancer raises important questions about how to improve the quality of life for women sustaining complications of breast cancer treatment. In particular, attention to common problems, such as arm edema, is of critical importance.

Erickson, V. S.
Pearson, M. L.
Ganz, P. A.
Adams, J.
Kahn, K. L.
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Chinese Journal of Cancer

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a well established and time-honored practice in China, employing syndrome differentiation as a basis for the treatment of disease. According to different TCM syndrome typing findings, combining modern medical methods with TCM approaches can improve the quality of life and comprehensive effect on patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC).

Bao, Hong
Gao, Jing
Huang, Tao
Zhou, Zi-Ming
Zhang, Bei
Xia, Yun-Fei
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Chinese Journal of Cancer

Either cetuximab or bevacizumab can improve the survival of patients with metastastic colorectal cancer (mCRC) if administered combided with cytotoxic agents. However, the effect of two or more target agents in combination is uncertain in these patients. Here, we reported a patient with mCRC successfully treated by a combination of target agents after the failure of chemotherapy.

Xia, Liang-Ping
Wu, Pei-Hong
Xia, Jian-Chuan
Zhang, Bei
Guan, Zhong-Zhen
Wan, De-Sen
Guo, Gui-Fang
Zeng, Yi-Xin
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Zhonghua Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi = Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Tai, Xu-Hui
Ji, Wen-Yue
Sun, Xing-he
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Lin Chuang Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi = Journal of Clinical Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the rule of lymphatic formation and the relationship between lymphatic formation and clinical pathological factors in supraglottic carcinoma. METHOD: Immunohistochemistry method and automatic image analysis technique were applied to observe the lymphatic quantity and state in central carcinoma tissue, join tissue and normal larynx mucosa of supraglottic carcinoma. Analyze the rule and the correlation between lymphatic formation and T stage, differentiation, lymph metastasis. RESULT: The lumen-lymphatic formation was not seen in central carcinoma tissue.

Zhao, Yuejiao
Ji, Wenyue
Tai, Xuhui
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JNMA; journal of the Nepal Medical Association

Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare but aggressive neuroendocrine tumour of the skin with high rate of local recurrence and distant metastatic potential leading to poor outcomes. Merkel cells are normally found as innervated clusters of cells around hair follicles in the basal layer of the epidermis and are thought to function as touch receptors. Here, we describe a case of MCC in a 71-year-old female and provide an up-to-date review of the literature pertinent to the management of MCC.

Wallis, S.
Durham-Hall, A.
Tandon, N.
Brotherston, T. M.
Shrestha, B. M.


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