Lymphoma, T-Cell

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Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

The sesquiterpene lactone dihydroartemisinin (DHA), a semisynthetic derivative of the herbal antimalaria drug artemisinin, is cytotoxic to human tumor cells. Treatment of Jurkat T-lymphoma cells with DHA induced a breakdown of the mitochondrial transmembrane potential, release of cytochrome c, activation of caspases, and DNA fragmentation indicative of apoptosis induction.

Handrick, René
Ontikatze, Teona
Bauer, Kerstin-Daniela
Freier, Florian
Rübel, Amelie
Dürig, Jan
Belka, Claus
Jendrossek, Verena
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The present study investigates the effect of in vivo administration of alcoholic extract of Tinospora cordifolia whole plant (ALTC) on the proliferation and myeloid differentiation of bone marrow hematopoietic precursor cells in mice bearing a transplantable T cell lymphoma of spontaneous origin designated as Dalton's lymphoma (DL). BMC obtained from ALTC administered DL-bearing mice showed an enhanced BMC proliferation and colony forming ability in vitro in response to L929 conditioned medium as a source of colony stimulating factor (CSF).

Singh, Sukh Mahendra
Singh, Nisha
Shrivastava, Pratima
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