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Public Health Nutrition

OBJECTIVE: Formative research to facilitate the development, packaging and delivery of a culturally acceptable nutrition intervention for HIV-infected women in rural Kenya for an intervention trial. DESIGN: Focus group discussion on three areas: (i) ingredients and form of the nutrition intervention, (ii) packaging and delivery and (iii) monitoring of adherence. Two single-blind taste tests with eleven different porridge formulations of various combinations of maize flour, soyabeans, peanuts, sorghum, mung beans, dried fish, raisins and dried whole milk.

Hong, Steven Y.
Hendricks, Kristy M.
Wanke, Christine
Omosa, Gloria
Patta, Shem
Mwero, Ben
Mjomba, Innocent
Queenan, Jeanette
Mwamburi, Mkaya
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Free Radical Biology & Medicine

Associations between individual foods or nutrients and oxidative markers have been reported. Comprehensive measures of food intake may be uniquely informative, given the complexity of oxidative systems and the possibility of antioxidant synergies. We quantified associations over a 20-year history between three food-based dietary patterns (summary measures of whole diet) and a plasma biomarker of lipid peroxidation, F2-isoprostanes, in a cohort of Americans ages 18-30 at year 0 (1985-1986).

Meyer, Katie A.
Sijtsma, Femke P. C.
Nettleton, Jennifer A.
Steffen, Lyn M.
Van Horn, Linda
Shikany, James M.
Gross, Myron D.
Mursu, Jaakko
Traber, Maret G.
Jacobs, David R.


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