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Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

Ageing changes gut microbiota composition and alters immune system function. Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics may improve the health status of elderly individuals by modifying the intestinal environment and the microbiota composition, and by stimulating the immune system. In this work, we studied the effects of synbiotic supplementation on the gut microbiota of healthy elderly volunteers. Fifty-one elders were randomly assigned to consume either a synbiotic dietary supplement or a placebo in addition to their usual diet for a 2-week period.

Björklund, Marika
Ouwehand, Arthur C.
Forssten, Sofia D.
Nikkilä, Janne
Tiihonen, Kirsti
Rautonen, Nina
Lahtinen, Sampo J.
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Science Translational Medicine

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) results in rapid weight loss, reduced adiposity, and improved glucose metabolism. These effects are not simply attributable to decreased caloric intake or absorption, but the mechanisms linking rearrangement of the gastrointestinal tract to these metabolic outcomes are largely unknown. Studies in humans and rats have shown that RYGB restructures the gut microbiota, prompting the hypothesis that some of the effects of RYGB are caused by altered host-microbial interactions.

Liou, Alice P.
Paziuk, Melissa
Luevano, Jesus-Mario
Machineni, Sriram
Turnbaugh, Peter J.
Kaplan, Lee M.
Publication Title: 
Scientific Reports

Tongue diagnosis is a unique method in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This is the first investigation on the association between traditional tongue diagnosis and the tongue coating microbiome using next-generation sequencing. The study included 19 gastritis patients with a typical white-greasy or yellow-dense tongue coating corresponding to TCM Cold or Hot Syndrome respectively, as well as eight healthy volunteers.

Jiang, Bai
Liang, Xujun
Chen, Yang
Ma, Tao
Liu, Liyang
Li, Junfeng
Jiang, Rui
Chen, Ting
Zhang, Xuegong
Li, Shao


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