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Psychological Medicine

BACKGROUND: Recent work suggests that epigenetic differences may be associated with psychiatric disorders. Here we investigate, in a community-based sample, whether methylation profiles distinguish between individuals with and without lifetime depression. We also investigate the physiologic consequences that may be associated with these profiles.

Uddin, M.
Koenen, K. C.
Aiello, A. E.
Wildman, D. E.
de los Santos, R.
Galea, S.
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Biodemography and Social Biology

Low socioeconomic position (SEP) has previously been linked to a number of negative health indicators, including poor mental health. The biologic mechanisms linking SEP and mental health remain poorly understood. Recent work suggests that social exposures influence DNA methylation in a manner salient to mental health. We conducted a pilot investigation to assess whether SEP, measured as educational attainment, modifies the association between genomic methylation profiles and traumatic stress in a trauma-exposed sample.

Uddin, Monica
Galea, Sandro
Chang, Shun Chiao
Koenen, Karestan C.
Goldmann, Emily
Wildman, Derek E.
Aiello, Allison E.
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Health Progress (Saint Louis, Mo.)

Faced with the question of what to do with an aging, under-used hospital in northeast Detroit, St. John Health, Warren, MI, turned to the community for help in developing a plan for transforming the campus in a way that would better meet local needs. Through meetings and interviews with local residents, St. John Health learned that community members needed job training, career development, employment, health care, housing, and a safe environment. To meet these needs, St. John Health developed a plan to convert the facility, ST.

Joseph, Elliot
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Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

BACKGROUND: Eliminating nosocomial infections was identified as one of eight priorities for action for Ascension Health. St. John Hospital and Medical Center (SJHMC), and St. Vincent's Hospital (STV), designated alpha sites, developed best practices for the prevention of catheter-related blood stream infections (CR-BSIs) and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), respectively.

Berriel-Cass, Dorine
Adkins, Frank W.
Jones, Polly
Fakih, Mohamad G.
Publication Title: 
Modern Healthcare

In less than a decade, Ascension Health has risen to the top tier of U.S. healthcare systems, with operating revenue that bests household names like Google and Amazon.com. Helping lead the system's meteoric rise is CEO Anthony Tersigni, left. "We are a ministry. We're not a business. We do business practices for one basic reason: We have bondholders who are counting on us to repay the bonds."

Evans, Melanie
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Substance Abuse

The specific risk factors for addiction within religious community members remain poorly understood and undefined. This paper presents data on the characteristics of chemically dependent women Religious (nuns) in order to understand the etiology and treatment needs of this special group. This study contrasts a group of Roman Catholic women Religious who are in treatment for chemical dependency with a volunteer, nonalcoholic, comparison group from similar religious communities.

McKechnie, Josie
Hill, Elizabeth M.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Personality

Informed by three theoretical frameworks--trait psychology, evolutionary psychology, and interdependence theory--we report four investigations designed to develop and test the reliability and validity of a new construct and accompanying multiscale inventory, the Trait-Specific Dependence Inventory (TSDI). The TSDI assesses comparisons between present and alternative romantic partners on major dimensions of mate value.

Ellis, Bruce J.
Simpson, Jeffry A.
Campbell, Lorne
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Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: A Journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies

OBJECTIVE: Death is common in pediatric intensive care units. A child's death can shatter parents' personal identities, disrupt their relationships, and challenge their worldviews. Spirituality is a human characteristic that engenders transcendence; seeks meaning, purpose, and connection to others; and helps to construct a coherent worldview. Greater attention to spiritual needs may help parents cope with their loss. Our objective is to gain a deeper understanding of parents' spiritual needs during their child's death and bereavement.

Meert, Kathleen L.
Thurston, Celia S.
Briller, Sherylyn H.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Health Psychology

African American attitudes toward organ donation differ from other racial and ethnic groups. However, existing measures of organ donation attitudes do not adequately address ethnic identity and cultural factors. We examined the psychometric properties of a new 18-item organ donation scale among 1225 members of 21 African American churches in Southeast Michigan. We identified three factors: (1) Barriers; (2) Family/Race Benefits; and (3) Altruism. More positive donation attitudes on each subscale were observed for individuals who reported being enrolled as a donor.

Resnicow, Ken
Andrews, Ann M.
Zhang, Nanhua
Chapman, Remonia
Beach, Denise K.
Langford, Aisha T.
Goodwin, Nancy
Magee, John C.
Publication Title: 
Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To assess (1) pediatricians' attitudes toward and practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for their patients; (2) their knowledge, experience, and referral patterns for selected CAM therapies; and (3) their desire for continuing medical education courses on CAM therapies. METHOD: An anonymous, self-report, 25-item questionnaire was mailed to fellows of the Michigan chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sikand, A.
Laken, M.


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