Mouth Neoplasms

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Anales De Medicina Interna (Madrid, Spain: 1984)

INTRODUCTION: Postsurgical patients with head and neck cancer could have a high rate of ambulatory complications. The aim of our study was to investigate whether oral ambulatory nutrition of post surgical head and neck cancer patients with recent weight loss, using an omega 3 fatty acids and arginine diet could improve nutritional status and complications. DESIGN: A population of 30 ambulatory post surgical patients with oral and laryngeal cancer and recent weight loss was enrolled.

de Luis, D. A.
Izaola, O.
Aller, R.
González-Sagrado, M.
Cuellar, L.
Terroba, M. C.
Martín, T.
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BMC cancer

BACKGROUND: Gambogic acid (GA) is a major active ingredient of gamboge, a widely used traditional Chinese medicine that has been reported to be a potent cytotoxic agent against some malignant tumors. Many studies have shown that the NF-kappa B signaling pathway plays an important role in anti-apoptosis and the drug resistance of tumor cells during chemotherapy. In this study, the effects and mechanisms of GA and the NF-kappa B inhibitor celastrol on oral cancer cells were investigated.

He, Di
Xu, Qin
Yan, Ming
Zhang, Ping
Zhou, Xiaojian
Zhang, Zhiyuan
Duan, Wenhu
Zhong, Laiping
Ye, Dongxia
Chen, Wantao


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