Myeloid-Lymphoid Leukemia Protein

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Forkhead box class O 3a (FOXO3a) is a transcription factor and tumor suppressor linked to longevity that determines cell fate through activating transcription of cell differentiation, survival, and apoptotic genes. Recruitment of the coactivator CBP/p300 is a crucial step in transcription, and we revealed that in addition to conserved region 3 (CR3) of FOXO3a, the C-terminal segment of CR2 (CR2C) binds CBP/p300 and contributes to transcriptional activity.

Wang, Feng
Marshall, Christopher B.
Yamamoto, Kazuo
Li, Guang-Yao
Gasmi-Seabrook, GeneviËve M. C.
Okada, Hitoshi
Mak, Tak W.
Ikura, Mitsuhiko
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Although PBX proteins are known to increase DNA-binding/transcriptional activity of HOX proteins through their direct binding, the functional importance of their interaction in leukemogenesis is unclear.We recently reported that overexpression of a 4-homeobox-gene signature (ie, PBX3/HOXA7/HOXA9/HOXA11) is an independent predictor of poor survival in patients with cytogenetically abnormal acute myeloid leukemia (CA-AML).

Li, Zejuan
Zhang, Zhiyu
Li, Yuanyuan
Arnovitz, Stephen
Chen, Ping
Huang, Hao
Jiang, Xi
Hong, Gia-Ming
Kunjamma, Rejani B.
Ren, Haomin
He, Chunjiang
Wang, Chong-Zhi
Elkahloun, Abdel G.
Valk, Peter J. M.
Döhner, Konstanze
Neilly, Mary Beth
Bullinger, Lars
Delwel, Ruud
Löwenberg, Bob
Liu, Paul P.
Morgan, Richard
Rowley, Janet D.
Yuan, Chun-Su
Chen, Jianjun
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