Myotonic Dystrophy

Publication Title: 
JAMA neurology

Importance: Muscle weakness, the most common symptom of neuromuscular disease, may result from muscle dysfunction or may be caused indirectly by neuronal and neuromuscular junction abnormalities. To date, more than 780 monogenic neuromuscular diseases, linked to 417 different genes, have been identified in humans.

Long, Chengzu
Amoasii, Leonela
Bassel-Duby, Rhonda
Olson, Eric N.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

A case study is presented to demonstrate the importance of utilizing clinical and laboratory diagnosis to confirm dystrophic disease. A review of the signs and symptoms of myotonic dystrophy is discussed, and a chiropractic approach is outlined for management of this debilitating disease.

Zahid, M. A.
Washington, G.
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