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Modern Healthcare

In 2000, Bon Secours Health System began a growth spurt that added eight hospitals, spreading its operations across nine states. But now it's a different story; since last November the system has announced plans or deals to sell facilities in Florida and Virginia, and leave New Jersey entirely. Incoming CEO Richard Statuto, left, faces a handful of challenges. "We need to determine how effective they've been at right-sizing their organization," a Standard & Poor's analyst says.

Evans, Melanie
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Arthritis Care & Research

OBJECTIVE: Individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) often experience symptoms that affect family relationships, which are important components of quality of life. To assess the impact of SLE on family role functioning, we developed a 6-domain (Fatigue, Activity participation, Mental health, Isolation, Love and intimacy, and You/fulfilling family roles [FAMILY]) measure. The objectives of this study were to pilot test and achieve preliminary validation for the SLE-FAMILY questionnaire. METHODS: This was a 3-phase study.

Hassett, Afton L.
Li, Tracy
Radvanski, Diane C.
Savage, Shantal V.
Buyske, Steven
Schiff, Samuel A.
Katz, Patricia P.
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The American Psychologist

Arnold A. Lazarus, distinguished professor emeritus at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University, passed away on October 1, 2013. He is regarded as one of the founders of behavior therapy and one of its leading practitioners and teachers. Throughout his career Lazarus enjoyed the rare distinction of being one of the most influential, creative, and highly regarded clinical practitioners in the field of clinical psychology.

Davison, Gerald C.
Wilson, G. Terence
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Progress in Transplantation (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)

Family members of organ donors receive anonymous information about the transplant recipients. Also, they often receive written communication from the recipients themselves and or the recipient's family members, expressing gratitude for the generous gifts they donated. The feedback received by donor families serves to affirm that their altruistic decision to donate life-saving and life-enhancing gifts has saved or dramatically improved the lives of the recipients.

Colarusso, Cynthia
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Journal of Health Economics

Empirical evidence from New Jersey supports theories of hospitals altruism. From 1987 to 1992, New Jersey reimbursed hospitals for uncompensated care through the Uncompensated Care Trust Fund. The Trust Fund reduced the shadow price of charity care, inducing hospitals to increase their provision of uncompensated care. Hospitals increased inpatient uncompensated care by an average of 14.8% and statewide uncompensated care increased by $360 million during 1987-1990.

Gaskin, D. J.
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MMWR supplements

The need for enhanced biologic surveillance has led to the search for new sources of data. Beginning in September 2001, Emergency Medical Associates (EMA) of New Jersey, an emergency physician group practice, undertook a series of surveillance projects in collaboration with state and federal agencies. This paper examines EMA's motivations and concerns and discusses the collaborative opportunities available to data suppliers for syndromic surveillance.

Cochrane, Dennis G.
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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

This paper reports the results of a telephone survey of 693 respondents which was commissioned by the New Jersey Chiropractic Society. This exploratory study provides a broad-ranging and critical examination of key aspects relating to the chiropractic profession as it is practiced in New Jersey. The study concludes that chiropractic in New Jersey is a viable means of treating various disorders, but there remains much confusion and distrust among prospective and current patients as well as the threat of heightened competition from other health professionals.

Sánchez, J. E.
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Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

Partial hospitalization is a service modality that some have suggested is incompatible with both evidence-based and recovery-oriented treatment. The purpose of this study was to examine the accuracy of this assumption. Toward this end, a specific partial hospitalization program was examined using administrative data, self-reports regarding recovery orientation, and fidelity ratings from independent assessors. Findings support that the partial hospitalization program studied has reasonable lengths of stay, provides recovery-oriented services, and has implemented evidence-based practices.

Yanos, Philip T.
Vreeland, Betty
Minsky, Shula
Fuller, Rice B.
Roe, David
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Journal of Natural Products

As an extension of work on the recently discovered nitrogenous metabolites from Cimicifuga/Actaea species, three new guanidine alkaloids have been isolated and characterized from C. racemosa (syn. A. racemosa) roots. Of these, cyclo-cimipronidine (1) and cimipronidine methyl ester (2) are congeners of cimipronidine (3), whereas dopargine (5) is a derivative of dopamine.

Gödecke, Tanja
Lankin, David C.
Nikolic, Dejan
Chen, Shao-Nong
van Breemen, Richard B.
Farnsworth, Norman R.
Pauli, Guido F.
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BACKGROUND: Clinical trial design of manual therapies may be especially challenging as techniques are often individualized and practitioner-dependent. This paper describes our methods in creating a standardized Swedish massage protocol tailored to subjects with osteoarthritis of the knee while respectful of the individualized nature of massage therapy, as well as implementation of this protocol in two randomized clinical trials.

Ali, Ather
Kahn, Janet
Rosenberger, Lisa
Perlman, Adam I.


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