Nuclear Family

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Substantial evidence supports the familial aggregation of exceptional longevity. The existence of rare families demonstrating clustering for this phenotype suggests that a genetic etiology may be an important component. Previous attempts at localizing loci predisposing for exceptional longevity have been limited to association studies of candidate gene polymorphisms. In this study, a genome-wide scan for such predisposing loci was conducted by using 308 individuals belonging to 137 sibships demonstrating exceptional longevity.

Puca, A. A.
Daly, M. J.
Brewster, S. J.
Matise, T. C.
Barrett, J.
Shea-Drinkwater, M.
Kang, S.
Joyce, E.
Nicoli, J.
Benson, E.
Kunkel, L. M.
Perls, T.
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Molecular Psychiatry

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common, highly heritable, neurodevelopmental disorder with onset in early childhood. Genes involved in neuronal development and growth are, thus, important etiological candidates and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), has been hypothesized to play a role in the pathogenesis of ADHD. BDNF is a member of the neurotrophin family and is involved in the survival and differentiation of dopaminergic neurons in the developing brain (of relevance because drugs that block the dopamine transporter can be effective therapeutically).

Kent, L.
Green, E.
Hawi, Z.
Kirley, A.
Dudbridge, F.
Lowe, N.
Raybould, R.
Langley, K.
Bray, N.
Fitzgerald, M.
Owen, M. J.
O'Donovan, M. C.
Gill, M.
Thapar, A.
Craddock, N.
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Perceptual and Motor Skills

Three questionnaire studies involving 101, 270, and 144 college students examined the relationship between affectionate behaviors and aggressive behaviors in the family environment as rated by the college students. Measures of affection and aggression were significantly negatively associated in nearly all analyses. Participants' ratings of parental alcohol abuse were positively associated with measures of parental aggression and negatively correlated with measures of parental affection.

Shuntich, R. J.
Loh, D.
Katz, D.
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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIM: The aim of this study was to examine the emotional and physical health and experiences of daughter-in-law (DIL) caregivers compared with daughter caregivers who care for cognitively and/or functionally impaired older people in Korea. BACKGROUND: In Korea, DILs are the predominant caregivers of impaired older people, but little is known about DIL caregivers. A study which explores the emotional and physical health outcomes of DIL caregivers who care for impaired parents-in-law in the sociocultural context of Korea is necessary.

Kim, J. S.
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The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing: A Quarterly Publication of the Royal Australian Nursing Federation

OBJECTIVE: Father absence is associated with negative child and adolescent outcomes, including early sexual activity, teenage pregnancy, behavioural difficulties and life adversity. However there is a lack of literature that explores the lived experiences of daughters who grew up in father absent environments. This study aimed to generate insights into the lived experience of being a girl-child growing up in a father absent environment through the perspectives of daughters who experienced father absence during their childhood and/or adolescent years.

East, Leah
Jackson, Debra
O'Brien, Louise
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Luzifer-Amor: Zeitschrift Zur Geschichte Der Psychoanalyse

This article outlines the development of a research project initiated by the discovery of new material: a set of letters, written by Mathilde, Freud's eldest daughter, to Eugen Pachmayr, a doctor's son from Munich. On the face of it, these letters do not actually answer the question whether the two young people were in love. But the answer could be found elsewhere.

Gˆdde, G¸nter
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A severe shortage of organs is perhaps the most important obstacle facing transplantation today. In an attempt to address this serious problem, several transplant centers have suggested a reconsideration of genetically unrelated living kidney donors. Recently, there have been reports of excellent results using such unconventional donors, and cogent arguments have been made that this approach is ethically acceptable, at least when the donor is motivated by altruism.

Spital, A.
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Transplantation Proceedings

The availability of cadaveric donor organs is insufficient for actual needs. The organ demand increases by 20% per year. Living donor transplant (LDT) may be a valid therapeutical alternative provided one uses proper criteria. LDT provides many advantages, like improved patient and organ survival, short waiting time, and the possibility to carefully plan the procedure. Potential risks include perioperative mortality and renal dysfunction in the kidney donor.

Splendiani, G.
Cipriani, S.
Valeri, M.
Torlone, N.
Vega, A.
Tullio, T.
CondÚ, S.
Dominijanni, S.
Casciani, C. U.
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American Journal of Psychotherapy

The article gives an inside look at a case where posttraumatic stress is intertwined with disturbances in object relations and ego-identity. The patient was a victim of a brutal authoritarian father who had abused her sexually. The trauma left her powerless and isolated. The treatment was aimed at enabling the patient to achieve connection and empowerment. Hypnotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and hypnosis allowed the patient to understand and overcome symptoms and underlying conflicts in the context of the therapeutic relationship.

Mendelberg, H. E.
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Psychiatria Hungarica: A Magyar Pszichiátriai Társaság Tudományos Folyóirata

INTRODUCTION: The new bodymind theory describes unity of body and mind as a quantum process, which can go back to embryonic period of life. METHOD: Authors have worked out tandem hypnotherapy method regarding bodymind theory. Tandem has two meanings: (1) a multi-seater bicycle, (2) a mosaic word: Touch of Ancient and New generations with a Dialogue Experiencing Oneness of Minds (TANDEM). Hypnotherapy, psychodrama, family therapy, Hellinger's systemic-phenomenological approach, and, the holding-therapy can be viewed as precedents of the method.

Vas P, József
Császár, Noémi


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