Observational Studies as Topic

Publication Title: 
BioMed Research International

This systematic review analyzes current data on effects of exercise interventions and physical activity behavior on objective and subjective cancer related cognitive impairments (CRCI). Out of the 19 studies which met all inclusion criteria, five RCTs investigated rodents, whereas the other 14 trials explored humans and these included six RCTs, one controlled trial, two prospective noncontrolled trials, one case series, one observational study, and three cross-sectional studies.

Zimmer, Philipp
Baumann, Freerk T.
Oberste, Max
Wright, Peter
Garthe, Alexander
Schenk, Alexander
Elter, Thomas
Galvao, Daniel A.
Bloch, Wilhelm
Hübner, Sven T.
Wolf, Florian
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