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Nutrition and Health

Several factors, such as environment and heredity, are presumed to be related to longevity. Of these nutrition is believed to function as a regulatory factor. Okinawa prefecture is well known as the leading area for longevity in the world. We therefore examined present and past nutrition records together with the background of all the 88 centenarians (18 male, 70 female) who are living in Okinawa in 1991. Their leading occupation was agriculture, and they were in work until the 8th decade.

Mimura, G.
Murakami, K.
Gushiken, M.
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Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental

Our specific aim in a 10-year prospective study of 772 Cincinnati firemen (predominantly aged 26 to 46 years) was to determine the prevalence, attributes, and etiology of persistent hypobetalipoproteinemia, defined by entry low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLC) less than 75 mg/dL. A second specific aim was to cross-sectionally assess hypocholesterolemia (defined by total serum cholesterol [TC] < 130 mg/dL) in 1,314 white and 165 black men aged 26 to 46 years in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I).

Glueck, C. J.
Kelley, W.
Gupta, A.
Fontaine, R. N.
Wang, P.
Gartside, P. S.
Publication Title: 
Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Utilizing data from the nationwide Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS), this paper analyzes health lifestyles in Russia. Heavy alcohol use and smoking, a high-fat diet, and lack of leisure-time exercise are the principal culprits in fostering high rates of heart disease and other causes of premature mortality. This is especially the situation for middle-age, working-class males whose mortality is greater than any other segment of society.

Cockerham, W. C.
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International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research. Internationale Zeitschrift F¸r Vitamin- Und Ern‰hrungsforschung. Journal International De Vitaminologie Et De Nutrition

Vitamin E and carotenoid pigments are important nutrients for the maintenance of health and protection of tissues against free radical damage. They also play a potential role in disease-risk-prediction and -protection, but little is known about their physiological and sociodemographic correlates and determinants, especially in a West African context. As part of a study of reproductive health in rural Gambian women, blood samples were obtained from 1286 women aged 15 to 54 years, living in the Farafenni area of The Gambia.

Bates, Christopher J.
Matthews, Neal
West, Beryl
Morison, Linda
Walraven, Gijs
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Experimental Gerontology

Centenarians represent an intriguing model for ageing studies, since they demonstrate extreme longevity by definition, and at the same time a proportion of them have aged successfully. Here, we present data from the first nationwide study on Greek centenarians concerning their functional health status and life-style characteristics. We have identified 489 individuals (77% women) born in 1900 or before who were still alive between the years 2000 and 2002.

Stathakos, Dimitri
Pratsinis, Harris
Zachos, Ioannis
Vlahaki, Irene
Gianakopoulou, Anastassia
Zianni, Dimitra
Kletsas, Dimitris
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Studies in Family Planning

This study analyzes the involvement of men in abortion in Vietnam, where induced abortion is legal and abortion rates are among the highest in the world. Twenty men were interviewed in 1996 about the role they played in their wives' abortions and about their feelings and ethical views concerning the procedure. The results showed that both husbands and wives considered the husband to be the main decisionmaker regarding family size, which included the decision to have an abortion, but that, in fact, some women had undergone an abortion without consulting their husbands in advance.

Johansson, A.
Nga, N. T.
Huy, T. Q.
Dat, D. D.
Holmgren, K.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Transcultural Nursing: Official Journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society

The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of rural Filipinos concerning the various factors influencing birth spacing. The Household Production of Health nested in the Ecological Model was used to provide the conceptual framework for this study. Analysis of ethnographic data produced one domain of meaning, Factors Influencing Birth Spacing, and six categories: (a) gender relations, (b) religion and the Catholic Church, (c) contraceptive technology, (d) media, (e) family and friends, and (f) family planning education.

de Vera, Noemi Z.
Publication Title: 
Salud Publica De Mexico

OBJECTIVE: We aim to assess the opinions of Mexicans in the state of Tlaxcala on abortion and other topics concerning women's reproductive health and status in society. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We summarize opinions on abortion and women's roles in society and perform logit regressions to assess characteristics correlated with support for abortion rights.

Palermo, Tia M.
Wilson, Kate S.
GarcÌa, Sandra G.
DÌaz-Olavarrieta, Claudia
Publication Title: 
Journal of Biosocial Science

Knowledge of inbreeding levels in historical times is necessary to estimate the health consequences of past inbreeding, and to contextualize the current public debate about cousin marriage in Britain. This research aims to calculate the level of cousin marriage using the intensive technique of multi-source parish reconstitution and to determine whether village organization, religion and occupational class influenced the level of consanguineous marriage.

Day, Cathy
Smith, Malcolm
Publication Title: 
PloS One

Socioeconomic status is associated with health disparities, but underlying psychosocial mechanisms have not been fully identified. Dispositional optimism may be a psychosocial process linking socioeconomic status with health. We hypothesized that lower optimism would be associated with greater social disadvantage and poorer social mobility. We also investigated whether life satisfaction and positive affect showed similar patterns.

Boehm, Julia K.
Chen, Ying
Williams, David R.
Ryff, Carol
Kubzansky, Laura D.


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