Ocular Physiological Phenomena

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Ophthalmic Genetics

PURPOSE: To describe the phenotypic variability in a Polish Norrie disease (ND) family associated with the missense mutation A63D. METHODS: A patient with spared vision from a Polish ND family underwent detailed ophthalmological examinations including slit-lamp biomicroscopy, ultrasound (USG), angiography, Goldmann kinetic visual field, and electroretinography (ERG). Mutation screening was carried out using the single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) technique and subsequent DNA sequencing of the coding part of the ND gene.

Zaremba, J.
Feil, S.
Juszko, J.
Myga, W.
van Duijnhoven, G.
Berger, W.
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The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Schiff, S. K.
Bunney, W. E.
Freedman, D. X.
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American Journal of Optometry and Archives of American Academy of Optometry
Vics, I. I.
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International Journal of Psychophysiology: Official Journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology

EEG was recorded monopolarly at frontal (F3, F4), central (C3, C4) and occipital (O1, O2) derivations during A-B-A conditions of waking rest, hypnosis (rest, arm immobilization, mosquito hallucination, hypnotic dream), and waking rest. Stringently screened on several measures of hypnotic susceptibility, 12 very low hypnotizable and 12 very highly hypnotizable, right-handed undergraduate, subjects participated in one session. Evaluations were Fast-Fourier spectral analysis, EEG coherence between selected derivations and maximum spectral power within EEG bands.

Sabourin, M. E.
Cutcomb, S. D.
Crawford, H. J.
Pribram, K.
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Anesthesia and Analgesia

We studied 94 healthy ASA physical status I or II children to determine the end-expired concentration of halothane associated with eye opening on emergence from anesthesia, and to determine if parenteral opioid therapy or regional analgesia significantly altered this concentration. In our study, anesthesia was maintained with halothane in an air-oxygen mixture. After the surgical procedure was completed, the inspired concentration of halothane was adjusted to zero and the end-expired concentrations were permitted to decrease spontaneously.

Watcha, M. F.
Lagueruela, R. G.
White, P. F.
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The American Journal of Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: The authors sought to replicate the part of a study by Bick and Kinsbourne in which hypnotically induced auditory hallucinations in normal volunteer subjects were abolished by requiring the subjects to open their mouths. METHODS: Sixty-four normal volunteer subjects were hypnotized, and an attempt was made to induce auditory hallucinations.

Levitt, E. E.
Waldo, T. G.
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