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Polish Medical Journal
Grabowska, M. J.
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Biophysical Journal

In adherent and motile neutrophils NAD(P)H concentration, flavoprotein redox potential, and production of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide, are all periodic and exhibit defined phase relationships to an underlying metabolic oscillation of approximately 20 s. Utilizing fluorescence microscopy, we have shown in real-time, on the single cell level, that the system is sensitive to externally applied periodically pulsed weak magnetic fields matched in frequency to the metabolic oscillation.

Rosenspire, Allen J.
Kindzelskii, Andrei L.
Simon, Bruce J.
Petty, Howard R.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: Behavioral paradigms applied during human recordings in electro- and magneto- encephalography (EEG and MEG) typically require 1-2 hours of data collection. Over this time scale, the natural fluctuations in brain state or rapid learning effects could impact measured signals, but are seldom analyzed. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We investigated within-session dynamics of neocortical alpha (7-14 Hz) rhythms and their allocation with cued-attention using MEG recorded from primary somatosensory neocortex (SI) in humans.

Wan, Qian
Kerr, Catherine
Pritchett, Dominique
Hämäläinen, Matti
Moore, Christopher
Jones, Stephanie
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BACKGROUND & AIMS: The study of intrinsic fluctuations in the blood oxygen level-dependent signal of functional magnetic resonance imaging can provide insight into the effect of physiologic states on brain processes. In an effort to better understand the brain-gut communication induced by the absorption and metabolism of nutrients in healthy lean and obese individuals, we investigated whether ingestion of nutritive and non-nutritive sweetened beverages differentially engages the hypothalamus and brainstem vagal pathways in lean and obese women.

Kilpatrick, Lisa A.
Coveleskie, Kristen
Connolly, Lynn
Labus, Jennifer S.
Ebrat, Bahar
Stains, Jean
Jiang, Zhiguo
Suyenobu, Brandall Y.
Raybould, Helen E.
Tillisch, Kirsten
Mayer, Emeran A.
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Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, I Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury
Nazarova, I. M.
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Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

In order to create a scientific basis of complementary medicine it is certainly necessary to add a more non-local approach to the molecular substance of orthodox "life-sciences". It should be able to explain strange phenomena like healing by homeopathy or acupuncture. A possible frame concerns oscillatory electromagnetic interactions as regulatory and - in case of disease--deregulatory impulses of the organisms.

Popp, Fritz-Albert
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