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Nature Communications

With ageing, there is a loss of adult stem cell function. However, there is no direct evidence that this has a causal role in ageing-related decline. We tested this using muscle-derived stem/progenitor cells (MDSPCs) in a murine progeria model. Here we show that MDSPCs from old and progeroid mice are defective in proliferation and multilineage differentiation. Intraperitoneal administration of MDSPCs, isolated from young wild-type mice, to progeroid mice confer significant lifespan and healthspan extension.

Lavasani, Mitra
Robinson, Andria R.
Lu, Aiping
Song, Minjung
Feduska, Joseph M.
Ahani, Bahar
Tilstra, Jeremy S.
Feldman, Chelsea H.
Robbins, Paul D.
Niedernhofer, Laura J.
Huard, Johnny
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Journal of Cell Science

Mesenchymal stromal progenitor cells (MSCs) are multipotent progenitors that can be isolated from numerous tissues. MSCs can undergo osteogenic differentiation under proper stimuli. We have recently demonstrated that bone morphogenetic protein 9 (BMP9) is one of the most osteogenic BMPs. As one of the least studied BMPs, BMP9 has been shown to regulate angiogenesis in endothelial cells. However, it is unclear whether BMP9-regulated angiogenic signaling plays any important role in the BMP9-initiated osteogenic pathway in MSCs.

Hu, Ning
Jiang, Dianming
Huang, Enyi
Liu, Xing
Li, Ruidong
Liang, Xi
Kim, Stephanie H.
Chen, Xiang
Gao, Jian-Li
Zhang, Hongyu
Zhang, Wenwen
Kong, Yu-Han
Zhang, Jiye
Wang, Jinhua
Shui, Wei
Luo, Xiaoji
Liu, Bo
Cui, Jing
Rogers, Mary Rose
Shen, Jikun
Zhao, Chen
Wang, Ning
Wu, Ningning
Luu, Hue H.
Haydon, Rex C.
He, Tong-Chuan
Huang, Wei
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