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Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

Role of herbal drugs and medicinal plant extracts in the successful treatment of urolithiasis, classified as the third most common urinary tract diseases is well documented. Ayurvedic plants and their components mediate antilithogenic effects by altering ionic composition of urine, being diuretic, antioxidant or having antimicrobial activity. Therapeutic peptides and proteins have unique place in pharmaceutical biotechnology due to their critical roles in cell biology.

Aggarwal, A.
Singla, S. K.
Tandon, C.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Wound healing is a complicated biological process that involves interactions of multiple cell types, various growth factors, their mediators, and the extracellular matrix proteins. In this study, we have studied the differential regulation of angiogenic genes during wound healing in transgenic (Lepr -/-) diabetic mice and non-diabetic mice. Under aseptic conditions, 8 mm full thickness cutaneous wounds were created on either side of the mid-dorsal. Wound tissues were studied at 4, 7, and 11 days post-wounding and healing was assessed by histology.

Sharma, Anuj
Singh, Anoop K.
Warren, James
Thangapazham, Rajesh L.
Maheshwari, Radha K.
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