Osteoporotic Fractures

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Pharmacological Research: The Official Journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society

Osteoporosis is a major health problem in the elderly. Epidemiological evidence has shown an association between tea consumption and the prevention of bone loss in the elderly population. Ingestion of green tea and green tea bioactive compounds may be beneficial in mitigating bone loss of this population and decreasing their risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Shen, Chwan-Li
Yeh, James K.
Cao, Jay J.
Chyu, Ming-Chien
Wang, Jia-Sheng
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Journal of Aging and Health

OBJECTIVES: Recent findings of better health outcomes in older caregivers than noncaregivers suggest a healthy caregiver hypothesis (HCH) model may be more appropriate than the stress process model for evaluating the health effects of caregiving. In a cross-sectional study, we tested the HCH on two cognitive domains: verbal memory and processing speed. METHOD: Participants from the Caregiver Study of Osteoporotic Fractures who had a 2-year follow-up interview were categorized as continuous caregivers (n = 194), former caregivers (n = 148), or continuous noncaregivers (n = 574).

Bertrand, Rosanna M.
Saczynski, Jane S.
Mezzacappa, Catherine
Hulse, Mallorie
Ensrud, Kristine
Fredman, Lisa
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Osteoporosis international: a journal established as result of cooperation between the European Foundation for Osteoporosis and the National Osteoporosis Foundation of the USA

Vitamin C may play a role in bone health. In the Framingham Study, subjects with higher total or supplemental vitamin C intake had fewer hip fractures and non-vertebral fractures as compared to subjects with lower intakes. Therefore, vitamin C may have a protective effect on bone health in older adults. INTRODUCTION: Dietary antioxidants such as vitamin C may play a role in bone health.

Sahni, S.
Hannan, M. T.
Gagnon, D.
Blumberg, J.
Cupples, L. A.
Kiel, D. P.
Tucker, K. L.
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The Journal of Urology

PURPOSE: Intestinal calcium absorption is thought to have a critical role in nephrolithiasis. However, to our knowledge no study has directly assessed this association. Therefore, we explored the relationship among intestinal fractional calcium absorption, calcium intake and nephrolithiasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The Study of Osteoporotic Fractures is a prospective cohort of 9,704 postmenopausal women recruited from population based listings in 1986 and followed for more than 20 years.

Sorensen, Mathew D.
Eisner, Brian H.
Stone, Katie L.
Kahn, Arnold J.
Lui, Li-Yung
Sadetsky, Natalia
Stoller, Marshall L.
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The Physician and Sportsmedicine

Osteoporosis-related fractures represent a major health concern, particularly in elderly populations. Direct and indirect costs (amounting to nearly $17 billion in 2005), increased morbidity, and loss of independence place substantial burden on the health care system. Observational studies have shown that a physically active lifestyle is associated with a 30% to 50% decrease in vertebral or hip fractures, and a recent meta-analysis that determined the effects of exercise on fracture incidence further confirmed these results.

Kemmler, Wolfgang
von Stengel, Simon
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