Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)

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Forschende Komplementärmedizin Und Klassische Naturheilkunde = Research in Complementary and Natural Classical Medicine

BACKGROUND: In order to check the possibilities and limits of naturopathic treatment within the field of inpatient care, in January 1997 a model department of naturopathy was established at the Hospital Blankenstein, Hattingen. For a period of 3 years (starting on July 1,1999) it has been scientifically accompanied by the Chair of Medical Theory and Complementary Medicine at the University of Witten/ Herdecke.

Ostermann, T.
Beer, A. M.
Matthiessen, P. F.
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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

BACKGROUND: Quality of life (QoL) of patients has become a central evaluation parameter that also acts as an aid for decisions related to treatment strategies particularly for patients with chronic illnesses. In Germany, one of the newer instruments attempting to measure distinct QoL aspects is the "Herdecke Questionnaire for Quality of Life" (HLQ). In this study, we aimed to validate the HLQ with respect to its factorial structure, and to develop a short form.

Ostermann, Thomas
Büssing, Arndt
Beer, André-Michael
Matthiessen, Peter F.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: This paper describes the treatments and treatment outcome measures used by licensed naturopathic physicians in the United States who treat people with multiple sclerosis (MS). DESIGN: A cross-sectional mail survey was used. SUBJECTS: The participants were licensed naturopaths who were members of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. OUTCOME MEASURES: Outcome measures included practitioner demographics; patient demographics by practitioner report; recommended therapies; perceived effectiveness of treatments for MS; methods for measuring treatment effectiveness.

Shinto, Lynne
Calabrese, Carlo
Morris, Cynthia
Sinsheimer, Shannon
Bourdette, Dennis
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Family Medicine

OBJECTIVE: This study's objective was to assess the relationship of empathy in medical office visits to subsequent outcomes of the common cold. METHODS: A total of 350 subjects ? 12 years of age received either a standard or enhanced physician visit as part of a randomized controlled trial. Enhanced visits emphasized empathy on the part of the physician. The patient-scored Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) questionnaire assessed practitioner-patient interaction, especially empathy. Cold severity and duration were assessed from twice-daily symptom reports.

Rakel, David P.
Hoeft, Theresa J.
Barrett, Bruce P.
Chewning, Betty A.
Craig, Benjamin M.
Niu, Min
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Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

This cultural case study investigates one U.S. psychosocial rehabilitation organization's (Horizons) attempt to implement the recovery philosophy of the U.S. Recovery Movement and offers lessons from this local attempt that may inform global mental health care reform. Horizons' "recovery-oriented" initiatives unwittingly mobilized stressful North American discourses of valued citizenship.

Myers, Neely Laurenzo
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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

OBJECTIVE: Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and scleroderma (SSc) are chronic rheumatic disorders with detrimental effects on health-related quality of life. Our objective was to assess health values (utilities) from the general public for health states common to people with PsA and SSc for economic evaluations.

Khanna, Dinesh
Frech, Tracy
Khanna, Puja P.
Kaplan, Robert M.
Eckman, Mark H.
Hays, Ron D.
Ginsburg, Shaari S.
Leonard, Anthony C.
Tsevat, Joel
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Annals of Family Medicine

PURPOSE: We studied the efficacy of osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) and ultrasound therapy (UST) for chronic low back pain. METHODS: A randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled, 2 × 2 factorial design was used to study OMT and UST for short-term relief of nonspecific chronic low back pain. The 455 patients were randomized to OMT (n = 230) or sham OMT (n = 225) main effects groups, and to UST (n = 233) or sham UST (n = 222) main effects groups. Six treatment sessions were provided over 8 weeks.

Licciardone, John C.
Minotti, Dennis E.
Gatchel, Robert J.
Kearns, Cathleen M.
Singh, Karan P.
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Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse

Previously reported substance abuse interventions incorporating meditation and spiritual approaches are believed to provide their benefit through modulation of both psychological and pyschosocial factors. A 90-day residential group pilot treatment program for substance abuse that incorporated a comprehensive array of yoga, meditation, spiritual and mind-body techniques was conducted in Amritsar, India. Subjects showed improvements on a number of psychological self-report questionnaires including the Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale and the Quality of Recovery Index.

Khalsa, Sat Bir S.
Khalsa, Gurucharan S.
Khalsa, Hargopal K.
Khalsa, Mukta K.
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Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Medizinische Psychologie

We inform about development of the Tiefenbrunn documentation system for inpatient psychotherapy. Aims and scaffolding of the system and some difficulties to make the system run are outlined. The newly developed instruments are sketched. Patients received a questionnaire concerning their social situation and their family of origin. At the same time therapists indicate symptoms, diagnosis, work ability, prognosis, pretreatments and chronification (diagnosis sheet I) and results of treatment (diagnosis sheet II) when patients leave. During treatment complementary therapy (as e.g.

Sachsenröder, R.
Seidler, G. H.
Schöttler, B.
Buchholz, M. B.
Streeck, U.
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Die Rehabilitation

Initiated by the Federal Insurance Institute for Salaried Employees (BfA, Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte), the project is aimed at developing an evidence-based guideline for rehabilitation of patients with low back pain (LBP). Guideline development will be based on a systematic review of the literature, an analysis of the treatment procedures currently employed in rehabilitation, inclusion of the patients' perspectives as well as consultation of experts' panels of clinically experienced physicians and therapists.

Gülich, M.
Engel, E.-M.
Rose, S.
Klosterhuis, H.
Jäckel, W. H.


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