Oxygen Consumption

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Journal of Physical Activity & Health

BACKGROUND: Active video games (exergames) increase energy expenditure (EE) and physical activity (PA) compared with sedentary video gaming. The physiological cost and enjoyment of exergaming in adolescents, and young and older adults has not been documented, nor compared with aerobic exercise. This study compared the physiological cost and enjoyment of exergaming on Wii Fit with aerobic exercise in 3 populations.

Graves, Lee E. F.
Ridgers, Nicola D.
Williams, Karen
Stratton, Gareth
Atkinson, Greg
Cable, Nigel T.
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Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research / National Strength & Conditioning Association

There has been relatively little longitudinal controlled investigation of the effects of yoga on general physical fitness, despite the widespread participation in this form of exercise. The purpose of this exploratory study was to examine the effect of short-term Bikram yoga training on general physical fitness. Young healthy adults were randomized to yoga training (N = 10, 29 ± 6 years, 24 sessions in 8 weeks) or a control group (N = 11, 26 ± 7 years). Each yoga training session consisted of 90-minute standardized supervised postures performed in a heated and humidified studio.

Tracy, Brian L.
Hart, Cady E. F.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: Exercise training programs have emerged as a useful therapeutic regimen for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Majority of the Western studies highlighted the effective role of exercise in T2DM. Therefore, the main aim was to focus on the extent, type of exercise and its clinical significance in T2DM in order to educate the clinicians from developing countries, especially in Asians.

Thent, Zar Chi
Das, Srijit
Henry, Leonard Joseph
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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Surya Namaskar (SN), a popular traditional Indian yogic practice called "Sun Salutations", includes practice of twelve physical postures involving alternate backward bending and forward bending postures. The practice of twelve postures in succession makes one round of its practice. Many people practise it as part of their daily physical fitness regimen. No study is available to compare cardiorespiratory responses of SN with bicycle exercise (BE). 20 healthy Yoga instructors practicing various Yogic practices including SN since last 7-8 years participated in the study.

Sinha, Biswajit
Sinha, Tulika Dasgupta
Pathak, Anjana
Tomer, O. S.
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American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism

Berberine, a botanical alkaloid used to control blood glucose in type 2 diabetes in China, has recently been reported to activate AMPK. However, it is not clear how AMPK is activated by berberine. In this study, activity and action mechanism of berberine were investigated in vivo and in vitro. In dietary obese rats, berberine increased insulin sensitivity after 5-wk administration. Fasting insulin and HOMA-IR were decreased by 46 and 48%, respectively, in the rats.

Yin, Jun
Gao, Zhanguo
Liu, Dong
Liu, Zhijun
Ye, Jianping
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Human Brain Mapping

The concept that specific acupuncture points have salubrious effects on distant target organ systems is a salient feature of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this study, we used a multiple-session experiment to test whether electroacupuncture stimulation at two TCM vision-related acupoints, UB 60 and GB 37, located on the leg, could produce fMRI signal changes in the occipital regions of the brain, and the specificity of this effect when compared with stimulation at an adjacent non-acupoint (NAP). Six normal, acupuncture naive subjects completed the study.

Kong, Jian
Kaptchuk, Ted J.
Webb, Julia Megan
Kong, Jiang-Ti
Sasaki, Yuka
Polich, Ginger R.
Vangel, Mark G.
Kwong, Kenneth
Rosen, Bruce
Gollub, Randy L.
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Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental

The objective of the study was to determine whether short-term antioxidant (AOX) supplementation affects insulin sensitivity, endothelial adhesion molecule levels, and oxidative stress in overweight young adults.

Vincent, Heather K.
Bourguignon, Cheryl M.
Weltman, Arthur L.
Vincent, Kevin R.
Barrett, Eugene
Innes, Karen E.
Taylor, Ann G.
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American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) minimizes alcohol hepatotoxicity; however, the molecular mechanisms responsible for SAM hepatoprotection remain unknown. Herein, we use proteomics to determine whether the hepatoprotective action of SAM against early-stage alcoholic liver disease is linked to alterations in the mitochondrial proteome. For this, male rats were fed control or ethanol-containing liquid diets +/- SAM and liver mitochondria were prepared for proteomic analysis.

Andringa, Kelly K.
King, Adrienne L.
Eccleston, Heather B.
Mantena, Sudheer K.
Landar, Aimee
Jhala, Nirag C.
Dickinson, Dale A.
Squadrito, Giuseppe L.
Bailey, Shannon M.
Publication Title: 
Archives of Internal Medicine

BACKGROUND: Preliminary evidence suggests that meditative exercise may have benefits for patients with chronic systolic heart failure (HF); this has not been rigorously tested in a large clinical sample. We sought to investigate whether tai chi, as an adjunct to standard care, improves functional capacity and quality of life in patients with HF.

Yeh, Gloria Y.
McCarthy, Ellen P.
Wayne, Peter M.
Stevenson, Lynne W.
Wood, Malissa J.
Forman, Daniel
Davis, Roger B.
Phillips, Russell S.
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Cardiovascular Diabetology

BACKGROUND: In the general population, peripheral metabolic complications (MC) increase the risk for left ventricular dysfunction. Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) and combination anti-retroviral therapy (cART) are associated with MC, left ventricular dysfunction, and a higher incidence of cardiovascular events than the general population. We examined whether myocardial nutrient metabolism and left ventricular dysfunction are related to one another and worse in HIV infected men treated with cART vs. HIV-negative men with or without MC.

Cade, W. Todd
Reeds, Dominic N.
Overton, E. Turner
Herrero, Pilar
Waggoner, Alan D.
Davila-Roman, Victor G.
Lassa-Claxton, Sherry
Gropler, Robert J.
Soto, Pablo F.
Krauss, Melissa J.
Yarasheski, Kevin E.
Peterson, Linda R.


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