Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis

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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

We investigated the effects of the water soluble fraction of Terminalia chebula (Combretaceae) (WFTC) on systemic and local anaphylaxis. WFTC administered 1h before compound 48/80 injection inhibited compound 48/80-induced anaphylactic shock 100% with doses of 0.01-1.0 g/kg. When WFTC was administered 5 or 10 min after compound 48/80 injection, the mortality also decreased in a dose-dependent manner. Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis was inhibited by 63.5+/-7.8% by oral administration of WFTC (1.0 g/kg).

Shin, T. Y.
Jeong, H. J.
Kim, D. K.
Kim, S. H.
Lee, J. K.
Kim, D. K.
Chae, B. S.
Kim, J. H.
Kang, H. W.
Lee, C. M.
Lee, K. C.
Park, S. T.
Lee, E. J.
Lim, J. P.
Kim, H. M.
Lee, Y. M.
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Studies were conducted on the decoction of the bark of Albizzia lebbeck which has been in use by Ayurvedic physicians for bronchial asthma and eczema. The effect of A. lebbeck was studied on the degranulation rate of sensitized peritoneal mast cells of albino rats when challenged with antigen (horse serum). Triple vaccine was used as adjuvant. Disodium cromoglycate (DCG) and prednisolone were used for comparison. Drugs were given during the first or second week of sensitization and the mast cells studied at the end of the second or third week.

Tripathi, R. M.
Sen, P. C.
Das, P. K.
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

The immunomodulatory activities of an Indian Ayurvedic medicinal preparation, i.e. extracts from Ashwagandha, Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Solanaceae), namely WST and WS2, were studied in mice for immune inflammation: active paw anaphylaxis and delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH). Immunomodulatory effect was assessed in If IgE-mediated anaphylaxis as reduction of ovalbumin-induced paw edema, in animals treated with WS2 at doses of 150 and 300 mg/kg, and the results were compared with the standard drug disodium chromoglycate.

Agarwal, R.
Diwanay, S.
Patki, P.
Patwardhan, B.
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Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology

Allergy is an acquired hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system mediated by cross-linking of the allergen-specific IgE-bound high-affinity IgE receptors, leading to immediate mast cell degranulation. Rottlerin is an active molecule isolated from Mallotus philippinensis, a medicinal plant used in Ayurvedic Medicine System for anti-allergic and anti-helminthic treatments. The present study investigated potential anti-allergic effects of rottlerin in animal models of IgE-dependent anaphylaxis and the anti-allergic mechanisms of action of rottlerin in mast cells.

Chan, Tze Khee
Ng, David S. W.
Cheng, Chang
Guan, Shou Ping
Koh, Hock Meng
Wong, W. S. Fred
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