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Journal of Pediatric Urology

INTRODUCTION: Some children who sustain high-grade blunt renal injury may require operative intervention. In the present study, it was hypothesized that there are computed tomography (CT) characteristics that can identify which of these children are most likely to need operative intervention. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective review was performed of all pediatric blunt renal trauma patients at a single level-I trauma center from 1990 to 2015.

Au, J. K.
Tan, X.
Sidani, M.
Stanasel, I.
Roth, D. R.
Koh, C. J.
Seth, A.
Gargollo, P. C.
Tu, D.
Gonzales, E. T.
Smith, T. G.
Janzen, N.
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Oncology Nursing Forum

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To identify and appraise current evidence related to the effectiveness of psychological and physical (nonpharmacologic) pain management modalities for children and young adults with cancer?. DATA SOURCES: Electronic searches in MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, and Web of Science (from database inception to June 2013) for clinical trials. DATA SYNTHESIS: A total of 32 unique studies were identified. Substantial heterogeneity existed across identified studies, precluding meta-analysis. Therefore, a narrative review of included studies is presented.

Jibb, Lindsay A.
Nathan, Paul C.
Stevens, Bonnie J.
Seto, Emily
Cafazzo, Joseph A.
Stephens, Nisha
Yohannes, Liza
Stinson, Jennifer N.
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Journal of Pediatric Psychology

OBJECTIVE: Examined how individual differences in disposition among pediatric cancer patients predict their later psychosocial functioning. METHODS: Patients aged 8-17 years (N?=?223) reported on their disposition at baseline. One and three years later, self-reports and parent reports of patient psychosocial functioning were obtained. Latent profile analysis was used to identify subgroups that differed on baseline disposition and to compare them on later outcomes.

Okado, Yuko
Howard Sharp, Katianne M.
Tillery, Rachel
Long, Alanna M.
Phipps, Sean
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Paediatric Anaesthesia

BACKGROUND: Patient satisfaction has a positive impact on clinical care. Different strategies, such as questionnaires, have been developed to evaluate and improve patient satisfaction. A validated pediatric anesthesia questionnaire previously showed the importance of perioperative care built upon a relationship of trust between healthcare providers and children and parents, and a comfortable environment in which satisfactory answers are provided. However, the questionnaire was validated in English, and no research exists on the use of satisfaction questionnaires in Spanish.

Zauner, Angela
Pinilla, Alvaro
Benitez, Daniel
Tellez, Alejandra
Romero, David
Suarez, Ana
LÛpez, Vanessa
Hermida, Eduardo
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Journal of empirical research on human research ethics: JERHRE

Research data repositories (RDRs) are data storage entities where data can be submitted, stored, and subsequently accessed for purposes beyond the original intent. There is little information relating to non-biological RDRs, nor considerations regarding pediatric data storage and re-use. We examined parent perspectives on pediatric, non-biological RDRs. Qualitative, descriptive methods including both interviews and focus groups were used. Purposive sampling of adult participants in two provincial birth cohorts yielded 19 interviewees and 18 focus group participants (4 groups).

Manhas, Kiran P.
Page, Stacey
Dodd, Shawn X.
Letourneau, Nicole
Ambrose, Aleta
Cui, Xinjie
Tough, Suzanne C.
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