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The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

BACKGROUND: Exteroception involves processes related to the perception of environmental stimuli important for an organism's ability to adapt to its environment. As such, exteroception plays a critical role in conditioned response. In addiction, behavioral and neuroimaging studies show that the conditioned response to drug-related cues is often associated with alterations in brain regions including the precuneus/posterior cingulate cortex, an important node within the default mode network dedicated to processes such as self-monitoring.

DeWitt, Samuel J.
Ketcherside, Ariel
McQueeny, Tim M.
Dunlop, Joseph P.
Filbey, Francesca M.
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

OBJECTIVES: To describe the public's understanding of hypnosis and openness to hypnotherapy. METHODS: A comprehensive search of English language peer reviewed journal articles from 1st January 1996-11th March 2016 was performed over 9 databases (Medline, PubMed, PsycARTICLES, CINAHL, Embase (excerpta medica), PsychInfo, Cochrane, Science citation index-expanded, Conference citation index) and a title-only search of Google scholar.

Krouwel, Matthew
Jolly, Kate
Greenfield, Sheila
Publication Title: 
BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Although hypnosis and hypnotherapy have become more popular in recent years, the evidence for hypnosis to influence perceived stress is unclear. In this systematic review we searched and evaluated randomized clinical studies investigating the effect of hypnosis on perceived stress reduction and coping.

Fisch, S.
Brinkhaus, B.
Teut, M.
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology

Controlling environmental factors, chemoprophylaxis, immunoprophylaxis and surgery are considered possible means of preventing recurrent acute otitis media (RAOM), but there are no available data concerning the paediatric use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). We evaluated the uses of CAM (homeopathy and/or herbal medicine) as means of preventing AOM in children with a history of RAOM.

Marchisio, P.
Bianchini, S.
Galeone, C.
Baggi, E.
Rossi, E.
Albertario, G.
Torretta, S.
Pignataro, L.
Esposito, S.
Principi, N.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

This short speculative report describes the outcome of three studies looking at the effect of acupuncture on stroke recovery and the subsequent place of residence of the subjects entered. It is not a systematic review and does not endeavor to provide comprehensive data on the effect of acupuncture on post-stroke recovery. Our observations demonstrate that patients may be more likely to remain independent and in their own homes one year post stroke if they receive acupuncture. This conclusion is supported by our study and two previous trials.

Hopwood, Val
Lewith, George T.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Physical Activity & Health

BACKGROUND: The role of social-environmental factors in physical activity (PA) within lower income and ethnic minority populations is understudied. This study explored correlates of age-related PA and perceived walkability (PW). METHODS: Cross-sectional data (N = 401 women; ?18 y) were collected within the Jane-Finch community in Toronto, Ontario using questionnaires. Generalized additive models, an extension to multiple regression, were used to estimate effect sizes and standard errors.

Perez, Daniel F.
Ritvo, Paul G.
Brown, Patrick E.
Holowaty, Eric
Ardern, Chris
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health

BACKGROUND: Between 1992 and 2010 in the Costa Rican Caribbean, a social movement coalition called Foro Ema˙s sought to change people's view on problems of high pesticide use in banana production. OBJECTIVE: To understand the formation and membership of Foro Ema˙s, its success period, and its decline. METHODS: Semi-structured interviews of 28 key actors; a questionnaire survey among school personnel (n = 475) in Siquirres, Matina, and Talamanca counties; and secondary data from newspapers, leaflets, and movement documents were used.

Barraza, Douglas
Jansen, Kees
van Wendel de Joode, Berna
Wesseling, Catharina
Publication Title: 
Australasian Journal on Ageing

AIM: To investigate the influence of perceived stress, optimism and perceived control of internal states on the psychological adjustment of older adults. METHOD: The sample consisted of 212 older adults, aged between 58 and 103 (M?=?80.42 years, SD?=?7.31 years), living primarily in retirement villages in Melbourne, Victoria. Participants completed the Perceived Stress Scale, Life Orientation Test-Revised, Perceived Control of Internal States Scale and the World Health Organisation Quality of Life-Bref.

Bretherton, Susan Jane
McLean, Louise Anne
Publication Title: 
PloS One

We report results from an incentivized laboratory experiment undertaken with the purpose of providing controlled evidence on the causal effects of alcohol consumption on risk-taking, time preferences and altruism. Our design disentangles the pharmacological effects of alcohol intoxication from those mediated by expectations, as we compare the behavior of three groups of subjects: those who participated in an experiment with no reference to alcohol, those who were exposed to the possibility of consuming alcohol but were given a placebo and those who effectively consumed alcohol.

Corazzini, Luca
Filippin, Antonio
Vanin, Paolo
Publication Title: 
Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Many variants that could be returned from genome sequencing may be perceived as ambiguous-lacking reliability, credibility, or adequacy. Little is known about how perceived ambiguity influences thoughts about sequencing results. Participants (n†=†494) in an NIH genome sequencing study completed a baseline survey before sequencing results were available. We examined how perceived ambiguity regarding sequencing results and individual differences in medical ambiguity aversion and tolerance for uncertainty were associated with cognitions and intentions concerning sequencing results.

Taber, Jennifer M.
Klein, William M. P.
Ferrer, Rebecca A.
Han, Paul K. J.
Lewis, Katie L.
Biesecker, Leslie G.
Biesecker, Barbara B.


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