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FASEB journal: official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

The presence of pericytes in brain regions undergoing repair is evident of the recruitment of bone marrow-derived multipotent regenerative cells to the neurovascular unit during angiogenesis. At present, post mortem sampling is the only way to identify them. Therefore, such cell typing is inadequate for preserving neural progenitor cells for any meaningful stem cell therapy. We aimed to target cerebral pericytes in vivo using dual gene transcript-targeted MRI (GT-tMRI) in male C57black6 mice after a 60-min bilateral carotid artery occlusion (BCAO).

Liu, Christina H.
Ren, Jia Q.
You, Zerong
Yang, Jinsheng
Liu, Charng-Ming
Uppal, Ritika
Liu, Philip K.
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