Pharyngeal Neoplasms

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Japanese Circulation Journal

In a 64-year-old male, recurrent syncope, hypotension and bradycardia developed repeatedly. The systolic blood pressure fell and could not be measured by auscultation method and the heart rate decreased to under 20 bpm. He recovered from unconsciousness in several minutes. No precipitating cause was apparent for such episodes. Physical examination revealed swollen lymph nodes in the upper cervical regions. Carotid sinus massage caused a fall of systolic blood pressure by 40 mmHg and the P-P interval lengthened to 1.96 sec. The otolaryngeal examination showed neoplasma in the pharynx.

Murata, M.
Ojima, K.
Morikawa, M.
Aizawa, Y.
Arai, Y.
Shibata, A.
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Hess, F.
Beckmann, G.
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