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Der Unfallchirurg

Tendinopathy in the region of the knee joint is a common pathological disorder. People active in sports, in particular, have a high probability of suffering from tendinopathy. Despite its high clinical relevance, the level of evidence of therapy options for tendinopathy in the knee region differs greatly. This review gives an overview of current evidence levels for therapy options in tendinopathy of the quadriceps, patellar and pes anserinus insertion tendons as well as of the distal iliotibial tract tendon.

Horstmann, H.
Clausen, J. D.
Krettek, C.
Weber-Spickschen, T. S.
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JAMA facial plastic surgery

BACKGROUND: A grafting technique that uses diced cartilage without fascia, which improves formability while maintaining long-term stability, would be a welcome addition to the rhinoplasty armamentarium. METHODS: A diced cartilage glue graft was recently introduced as the Tasman technique. The technique has been used by one of us (A.-J.T.) in 28 patients who were monitored clinically for 4 to 26 months. Sonographic morphometry of the graft was used in 10 patients with a maximum follow-up of 15 months, and 2 biopsies were obtained for histologic examination.

Tasman, Abel-Jan
Diener, Pierre-AndrÈ
Litschel, Ralph
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British Journal of Sports Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To appraise existing evidence for prolotherapy, polidocanol, autologous whole blood and platelet-rich plasma injection therapies for lateral epicondylosis (LE). DESIGN: Systematic review. DATA SOURCES: Medline, Embase, CINAHL, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, Allied and Complementary Medicine. SEARCH STRATEGY: names and descriptors of the therapies and LE. STUDY SELECTION: All human studies assessing the four therapies for LE.

Rabago, D.
Best, T. M.
Zgierska, A. E.
Zeisig, E.
Ryan, M.
Crane, D.
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