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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Understanding posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in police first-responders is an underdeveloped field. Using a cross-sectional survey, this study investigated demographic and occupational characteristics, coping resources and processes, along with first-responder roles and consequences 18 months following a disaster. Hierarchical linear regression (N = 576) showed that greater symptom levels were significantly positively associated with negative emotional coping (? = .31), a communications role (? = .08) and distress following exposure to resource losses (?

Surgenor, Lois J.
Snell, Deborah L.
Dorahy, Martin J.
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Violence and Victims

Incidents of domestic violence are frequently not reported to police (e.g., Johnson, 1990; Langan & Innes, 1986; Roy, 1977), and people commonly assume that women's reasons for not calling about violence by a current or former partner are intrapersonal (e.g., shame, embarrassment, love). However, few researchers have asked battered women themselves about the frequency of their police contacts and their reasons for not calling the police.

Fleury, R. E.
Sullivan, C. M.
Bybee, D. I.
Davidson, W. S.
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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Romantic relationships are important in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. The purpose of this study was to explore dating and romantic relationships among these adults and to identify the nature and extent of interpersonal violence in their relationships. A random sample of 47 women and men participated in semistructured interviews. The authors found that relationships sounded very typical of people without disabilities, but their time together was more limited than they wanted.

Ward, Karen M.
Bosek, Rebecca L.
Trimble, Erin L.
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Family Process

Despite reports documenting adverse effects of stress on police marriages, few empirical studies focus on actual emotional behaviors of officers and spouses. In this preliminary investigation, 17 male police officers and their nonpolice wives completed daily stress diaries for 1†week and then participated in a laboratory-based discussion about their respective days. Conversations were video-recorded and coded for specific emotional behaviors reflecting hostility and affection, which are strong predictors of marital outcomes.

Roberts, Nicole A.
Leonard, Rachel C.
Butler, Emily A.
Levenson, Robert W.
Kanter, Jonathan W.
Publication Title: 
Stress and Health: Journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress

Following Hurricane Katrina, police officers in the New Orleans geographic area faced a number of challenges. This cross-sectional study examined the association between resilience, satisfaction with life, gratitude, posttraumatic growth, and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder in 84 male and 30 female police officers from Louisiana. Protective factors were measured using the Connor-Davidson Resilience scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, the Gratitude Questionnaire, and the Posttraumatic Growth inventory.

McCanlies, Erin C.
Mnatsakanova, Anna
Andrew, Michael E.
Burchfiel, Cecil M.
Violanti, John M.
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BMC public health

BACKGROUND: Results from HIV vaccine trials on potential volunteers will contribute to global efforts to develop an HIV vaccine. The purpose of this study among police officers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was to explore the underlying reasons that induce people to enrol in an HIV vaccine trial. METHODS: We conducted discussions with eight focus groups, containing a total of 66 police officers. The information collected was analyzed using interpretive description.

Tarimo, Edith A. M.
Thorson, Anna
Kohi, Thecla W.
Mwami, Joachim
Bakari, Muhammad
Sandstrˆm, Eric
Kulane, Asli
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BMC public health

BACKGROUND: The search for an efficacious HIV vaccine is a global priority. To date only one HIV vaccine trial (RV144) has shown modest efficacy in a phase III trial. With existing different HIV-1 subtypes and frequent mutations, multiple trials are needed from different geographical sites particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where most HIV infections occur. Thus, motivations to participate in HIV vaccine trials among Tanzanians need to be assessed. This paper describes the motives of Police Officers who showed great interest to volunteer in HIVIS-03 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tarimo, E. a. M.
Bakari, M.
Kakoko, D. C. V.
Kohi, T. W.
Mhalu, F.
Sandstrom, E.
Kulane, A.
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Behavioral Sciences & the Law

It has been suggested that hypnosis techniques may have the potential to enhance eyewitness memory in forensic investigations. However, laboratory research shows that increases in recall with hypnosis techniques are often associated with decreases in accuracy, false confidence in incorrect information, and increased suggestibility to leading questions and misleading post-event information. These problems limit the usefulness of hypnosis as an interviewing procedure.

Kebbell, M. R.
Wagstaff, G. F.
Publication Title: 
The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

A forensic hypnosis interview played a major role in a murder conviction. Several years later, the reliability of the interview was called into question leading to a court hearing on whether the methods used by the hypnosis specialist, hired by the police, conformed to the legal guidelines established by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This article examines the many errors committed by the hypnosis specialist, and the subsequent legal proceedings which altered the verdict.

Scheflin, Alan W.
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Violence Against Women

Little research has been conducted to distinguish the unique experiences of specific groups of interpersonal violence victims. This is especially true in the case of battered Muslim immigrant women in the United States. This article examines battered Muslim immigrant women's experiences with intimate partner violence and their experiences with the police. Furthermore, to provide a more refined view related to battered Muslim immigrant women's situation, the article compares the latter group's experiences to battered non-Muslim immigrant women's experiences.

Ammar, Nawal
Couture-Carron, Amanda
Alvi, Shahid
San Antonio, Jaclyn


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