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Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

The low percentages of naÔve T cells commonly observed in elderly people are thought to be causally associated with mortality, primarily from infectious disease, and are taken as a hallmark of "immunosenescence". Whether low levels of naive cells actually do associate with mortality has, however, not been tested in longitudinal studies. Here, we present correlations between peripheral T-cell phenotypes and 8-year survival in individuals from the population-based prospective Leiden 85-plus Study.

Derhovanessian, Evelyna
Maier, Andrea B.
H‰hnel, Karin
Zelba, Henning
de Craen, Anton J. M.
Roelofs, Helene
Slagboom, Eline P.
Westendorp, Rudi G. J.
Pawelec, Graham
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Experimental Gerontology

Centenarians represent an intriguing model for ageing studies, since they demonstrate extreme longevity by definition, and at the same time a proportion of them have aged successfully. Here, we present data from the first nationwide study on Greek centenarians concerning their functional health status and life-style characteristics. We have identified 489 individuals (77% women) born in 1900 or before who were still alive between the years 2000 and 2002.

Stathakos, Dimitri
Pratsinis, Harris
Zachos, Ioannis
Vlahaki, Irene
Gianakopoulou, Anastassia
Zianni, Dimitra
Kletsas, Dimitris
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Sozial- Und Pr‰ventivmedizin

OBJECTIVES: Several studies have identified negative health lifestyles as a primary determinant of the mortality crisis in Europe's post-communist states, but little is known about Ukraine. In order to address this gap in the literature, this paper provides data on Ukrainian health lifestyles. METHODS: Data were collected by face-to-face interviews in the households (N = 2 400) of a random sample of respondents in Ukraine in November, 2001. The sample was selected using multi-stage random sampling with stratification by region and area (urban/rural).

Cockerham, William C.
Hinote, Brian P.
Abbott, Pamela
Haerpfer, Christian
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Archives of Internal Medicine

BACKGROUND: The Mediterranean diet has been suggested to play a beneficial role for health and longevity. However, to our knowledge, no prospective US study has investigated the Mediterranean dietary pattern in relation to mortality. METHODS: Study participants included 214,284 men and 166,012 women in the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) Diet and Health Study. During follow-up for all-cause mortality (1995-2005), 27,799 deaths were documented.

Mitrou, Panagiota N.
Kipnis, Victor
ThiÈbaut, Anne C. M.
Reedy, Jill
Subar, Amy F.
Wirf‰lt, Elisabet
Flood, Andrew
Mouw, Traci
Hollenbeck, Albert R.
Leitzmann, Michael F.
Schatzkin, Arthur
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The Journal of Reproductive Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To examine the rate of spontaneous twinning in selected countries in order to evaluate the impact of environmental stress and related socioeconomic factors on balancing reproductive activity and longevity. STUDY DESIGN: Four countries with similar ancestry were considered, 2 in Africa and 2 in the Caribbean. Data on gross domestic product per capita, as a measure of indigenous conditions, access to proper diet, health care, sanitation and shelter were compared with the relative rate of twinning.

Steinman, Gary
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International Journal of Obesity (2005)

The 2013 Pennington Biomedical Research Center's Scientific Symposium focused on the treatment and management of pediatric obesity and was designed to (i) review recent scientific advances in the prevention, clinical treatment and management of pediatric obesity, (ii) integrate the latest published and unpublished findings and (iii) explore how these advances can be integrated into clinical and public health approaches.

Katzmarzyk, P. T.
Barlow, S.
Bouchard, C.
Catalano, P. M.
Hsia, D. S.
Inge, T. H.
Lovelady, C.
Raynor, H.
Redman, L. M.
Staiano, A. E.
Spruijt-Metz, D.
Symonds, M. E.
Vickers, M.
Wilfley, D.
Yanovski, J. A.
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In order to understand differences in suicide rates between the countries affiliated to the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), the present paper investigates whether there is a relationship between the existence of religious sanctions and aggregate national suicide rates as reported to the World Health Organization. Through their participation in this study, 49 IASP national representatives reported on the existence of religious sanctions against suicide. It was discovered that countries with religious sanctions were less likely to return rates of suicide to the WHO.

Kelleher, M. J.
Chambers, D.
Corcoran, P.
Williamson, E.
Keeley, H. S.
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Communicable Diseases Intelligence Quarterly Report

This report describes a respiratory illness outbreak amongst a group of over 700 World Youth Day 2008 pilgrims staying at a basic accommodation venue for 1 week in July 2008. At this venue, 1 group of pilgrims was accommodated as a large group in a gymnasium and another group was sub-divided into smaller groups and accommodated in classrooms. Following confirmation of an influenza B outbreak by influenza point of care testing, control measures were promptly implemented.

Staff, Michael
Torres, Maria I.
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European Journal of Oral Sciences

The main purpose of this study was to explore whether subjective perception of interaction with dental staff is associated with dental fear in a population-based sample of 18-yr-old adolescents (n = 773). The interaction was measured using the Patient Dental Staff Interaction Questionnaire (PDSIQ), validated with exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, which yielded the factors of 'kind atmosphere and mutual communication', 'roughness', 'insecurity', 'trust and safety', and 'shame and guilt'.

Jaakkola, Sirkka
Lahti, Satu
R‰ih‰, Hannele
Saarinen, Maiju
Tolvanen, Mimmi
Aromaa, Minna
Sillanp‰‰, Matti
Suominen, Sakari
Mattila, Marja-Leena
Rautava, P‰ivi
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Twin Research: The Official Journal of the International Society for Twin Studies

Twin research offers the greatest power for the genetic analysis of complex multifactorial traits and diseases in humans. Modern twin analyses extend beyond the classical twin study for estimating the heritability of a trait. The human genome project can fulfil its promises only after functional characterisation of single genes in the context of genetic background and environment. Twin research can make a major contribution in that regard. Twin research is greatly facilitated by the willingness, motivation, cooperation, and generosity of the participants and their families.

Busjahn, Andreas


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