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Preventing Chronic Disease

INTRODUCTION: Recruiting participants for research studies can be challenging. Many studies fall short of their target or must prolong recruitment to reach it. We examined recruitment and retention strategies and report lessons learned in a behavioral intervention developmental trial to encourage healthy pregnancy weight gain and stress reduction in low-income overweight pregnant women.

Coleman-Phox, Kimberly
Laraia, Barbara A.
Adler, Nancy
Vieten, Cassandra
Thomas, Melanie
Epel, Elissa
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Modern Healthcare

In less than a decade, Ascension Health has risen to the top tier of U.S. healthcare systems, with operating revenue that bests household names like Google and Amazon.com. Helping lead the system's meteoric rise is CEO Anthony Tersigni, left. "We are a ministry. We're not a business. We do business practices for one basic reason: We have bondholders who are counting on us to repay the bonds."

Evans, Melanie
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Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine

Although past research has extensively documented the effects of religious involvement and social integration on the health outcomes of older people, relatively little research has examined the relationship among older Africans. In this article, we examined the effects of religious affiliation and participation as well as forms of social engagement, including social support, sociability, and community participation on self-reported health. The study used data from a sample of older men and women (50 years and above) from two informal settlements in Nairobi Kenya.

Kodzi, Ivy Abla
Obeng Gyimah, Stephen
Emina, Jacques
Chika Ezeh, Alex
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Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Sexual violence within as well as outside sexual relationships has far-reaching public health and human rights implications and is a continuing focus of popular debate, media coverage, and research in postapartheid South Africa. Partly because it has been shown to affect individual vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, sexual violence has in recent years become framed as a global public health issue.

Wood, Kate
Lambert, Helen
Jewkes, Rachel
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Global Public Health

The last 20 years have seen a proliferation of research, spurred by the imperatives of the HIV epidemic and reportedly high rates of gender-based violence, on heterosexual practices in the South African context. Research has focused on how poverty, age and gender within specific cultural contexts shape sexual agency and provide a context for unequal, coercive and violent practices for young women.

Shefer, Tamara
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Malaria Journal

Following a long period when the effectiveness of existing mono-therapies for antimalarials was steadily declining with no clear alternative, most malaria-endemic countries in Africa and Asia have adopted artemisinin combination therapy (ACT) as antimalarial drug policy. Several ACT drugs exist and others are in the pipeline. If properly targeted, they have the potential to reduce mortality from malaria substantially. The major challenge now is to get the drugs to the right people. Current evidence suggests that most of those who need the drugs do not get them.

Whitty, Christopher J. M.
Chandler, Clare
Ansah, Evelyn
Leslie, Toby
Staedke, Sarah G.
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Health Policy and Planning

Coverage of case management interventions remains low and inadequate to achieve millennium development goal (MDG) target reductions in child mortality. Children living in the poorest households are particularly disadvantaged. Community case management (CCM) uses trained and supervised community health workers to improve access to, quality of and demand for effective case management. Evidence that CCM programs can achieve equitable improvements in coverage is limited. This cross-sectional study uses a quasi-experimental design with intervention and comparison areas.

Littrell, Megan
Moukam, Laure Vartan
Libite, Roger
Youmba, Jean Christian
Baugh, Gunther
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Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition

In an urban slum in eastern Kolkata, India, reported diarrhoea rates, healthcare-use patterns, and factors associated with reported diarrhoea episodes were studied as a part of a diarrhoea-surveillance project. Data were collected through a structured interview during a census and healthcare-use survey of an urban slum population in Kolkata.

Sur, Dipika
Manna, Byomkesh
Deb, Alok K.
Deen, Jacqueline L.
Danovaro-Holliday, M. Carolina
von Seidlein, Lorenz
Clemens, John D.
Bhattacharya, Sujit K.
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Sexual Health

BACKGROUND: The present study assessed the effectiveness of a brief narrative intervention implemented by trained biomedical and Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy (AYUSH) providers from three low-income communities in Mumbai, India.

Saggurti, Niranjan
Schensul, Stephen L.
Nastasi, Bonnie Kaul
Singh, Rajendra
Burleson, Joseph A.
Verma, Ravi K.
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Annals of Family Medicine

PURPOSE: Religious traditions call their members to care for the poor and marginalized, yet no study has examined whether physicians' religious characteristics are associated with practice among the underserved. This study examines whether physicians' self-reported religious characteristics and sense of calling in their work are associated with practice among the underserved. METHODS: This study entailed a cross-sectional survey by mail of a stratified random sample of 2,000 practicing US physicians from all specialties. RESULTS: The response rate was 63%.

Curlin, Farr A.
Dugdale, Lydia S.
Lantos, John D.
Chin, Marshall H.


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