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Journal - Mississippi Dental Association
Blackburn, E. M.
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Pediatric Dentistry

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between private dentists' attitudes toward Medicaid and Medicaid patients and their extent of Medicaid participation. METHODS: A survey was mailed to all Medicaid dentists in Alabama in 2003 (N = 518). Descriptive statistics were calculated, and multiple regression models were tested. The "dentists' extent of participation" was a measure of the percentage of Medicaid patients seen in one month.

Al Agili, Dania E.
Pass, Mary Ann
Bronstein, Janet M.
Lockwood, Stuart A.
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Journal of the American Dental Association (1939)

BACKGROUND: The authors investigated the role of private practitioners in the dental safety net, including the provision of care for Medicaid enrollees and attitudinal factors that affect participation. METHODS: In 2013, the authors sent a mixed-mode survey to all general dentists in Iowa assessing their current Medicaid participation and factors affecting participation, including attitudinal statements about altruism, the Medicaid program, and the government's role in providing access to dental care.

McKernan, Susan C.
Reynolds, Julie C.
Momany, Elizabeth T.
Kuthy, Raymond A.
Kateeb, Elham T.
Adrianse, Nancy B.
Damiano, Peter C.
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Dental Practice Management

In your morning meetings, identify those patients who would be a great person to ask for a referral--patients who have expressed pleasure in receiving treatment from you. Then, determine who is going to ask for that referral. You wouldn't want to have EVERY-ONE ask them for a referral, so give someone that responsibility. Be sure that you have done some role playing and have practiced the verbal skills of "asking" for a referral. Get comfortable asking. Know that you will never know what you will get unless you ASK!!!

Jameson, C.
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