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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Research on the efficacy of yoga for improving mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral health characteristics in school settings is a recent but growing field of inquiry. This systematic review of research on school-based yoga interventions published in peer-reviewed journals offers a bibliometric analysis that identified 47 publications. The studies from these publications have been conducted primarily in the United States (n = 30) and India (n = 15) since 2005, with the majority of studies (n = 41) conducted from 2010 onward.

Khalsa, Sat Bir S.
Butzer, Bethany
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International Journal of Yoga Therapy

BACKGROUND: Yoga is a popular adjunct therapy for eating disorders (EDs). A systematic review and synthesis of the yoga literature is needed to guide treatment recommendations and future research. This article provides a review of studies that used yoga for preventing and treating EDs. METHOD: Databases were searched for peer-reviewed articles about yoga practice and ED symptoms and correlates.

Klein, Jessalyn
Cook-Cottone, Catherine
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Journal of School Psychology

The treatment effects of Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) with youth were synthesized from 76 studies involving 6121 participants. A total of 885 effect sizes were aggregated using meta-regression with robust variance estimation. Overall, MBIs were associated with small treatment effects in studies using pre-post (g=0.305, SE=0.039) and controlled designs (g=0.322, SE=0.040). Treatment effects were measured after a follow-up period in 24 studies (n=1963).

Klingbeil, David A.
Renshaw, Tyler L.
Willenbrink, Jessica B.
Copek, Rebecca A.
Chan, Kai Tai
Haddock, Aaron
Yassine, Jordan
Clifton, Jesse
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Nutritional Neuroscience

BACKGROUND: Major depressive disorder is a common, chronic condition that imposes a substantial burden of disability globally. As current treatments are estimated to address only one-third of the disease burden of depressive disorders, there is a need for new approaches to prevent depression or to delay its progression. While in its early stages, converging evidence from laboratory, population research, and clinical trials now suggests that dietary patterns and specific dietary factors may influence the risk for depression.

Opie, R. S.
Itsiopoulos, C.
Parletta, N.
Sanchez-Villegas, A.
Akbaraly, T. N.
Ruusunen, A.
Jacka, F. N.
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International Journal of Stroke: Official Journal of the International Stroke Society

BACKGROUND: Recent epidemiological studies have demonstrated an association between perceived psychological stress and ischemic stroke. A feature of stroke is recurrence; 30-40% within five-years following first transient ischemic attack/stroke. Equipping patients with skills and coping strategies to help reduce or manage perceived psychological stress may represent an important secondary prevention intervention.

Lawrence, Maggie
Booth, Jo
Mercer, Stewart
Crawford, Elizabeth
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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The Stroke Health and Risk Education Project was a cluster-randomized, faith-based, culturally sensitive, theory-based multicomponent behavioral intervention trial to reduce key stroke risk factor behaviors in Hispanics/Latinos and European Americans. METHODS: Ten Catholic churches were randomized to intervention or control group. The intervention group received a 1-year multicomponent intervention (with poor adherence) that included self-help materials, tailored newsletters, and motivational interviewing counseling calls.

Brown, Devin L.
Conley, Kathleen M.
S·nchez, Brisa N.
Resnicow, Kenneth
Cowdery, Joan E.
Sais, Emma
Murphy, Jillian
Skolarus, Lesli E.
Lisabeth, Lynda D.
Morgenstern, Lewis B.
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Journal of Addictive Diseases

The altruism and/or solidarity of people who inject drugs helps protect sex and drug partners from HIV. Research has been hindered by lack of measures. We developed and administered scales to assess them to 300 people who inject drugs. Altruism and Solidarity Scales were both internally consistent. Each correlated significantly with measures of helping others. These measures appear reliable and valid.

Friedman, Samuel R.
Pouget, Enrique R.
Sandoval, Milagros
Jones, Yolanda
Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.
Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro
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European Journal of Psychotraumatology

BACKGROUND: Exposure to acute, potentially traumatic events is an unfortunately common experience for children and adolescents. Posttraumatic stress (PTS) responses following acute trauma can have an ongoing impact on child development and well-being. Early intervention to prevent or reduce PTS responses holds promise but requires careful development and empirical evaluation.

Kassam-Adams, Nancy
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