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Gaceta Sanitaria / S.E.S.P.A.S

As patients live longer, and more illnesses become chronic, comorbidity rates increase. This increase shows in attended morbidity registers, and its importance is revealed by the use of services, treatments, the survival rates and the patients life quality.

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Primary Care

What are the best dietary practices and farming methods to promote health? The answer may depend on whether one looks at the health of individuals or the health of the planet (planetary health or PH). PH will equate to a healthy ecosphere fostered by dietary/farming practices that are less resource-intense, potentially decreasing starvation and carbon emissions. Best practices also may depend on whether by health one means lack of observable disease (such as obesity, nutritional deficiency, diabetes, or cancer), optimal health (also known as wellness), or longevity.

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Grow, Shelly
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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

BACKGROUND: Health-related Habits (HrH) are a major priority in healthcare. However there is little agreement on whether exercise, diet, smoking or dental hygiene are better described as lifestyles, habits or behaviors, and on what is their hierarchical relationship. This research is aimed at representing the basic concepts which are assumed to constitute the conceptual framework enabling us to interpret and organize the field of HrH.

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Alonso, Federico
Gomez, Rafael
Walsh, Carolyn O.
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eVITAL group
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World Hospitals and Health Services: The Official Journal of the International Hospital Federation

In Sub-Saharan Africa private voluntary health care providers are mostly Church-related or social not for profit organizations. They provide between 40% and 60% of health care services. In the context of Health Care Reforms, the World Bank and others have (re)discovered these non governmental providers. The World Bank document 'Better Health for Africa', promotes prominent roles for them in the execution of basic package of services and public health tasks. Unfortunately, the World Bank does not outline clearly how these roles should be achieved.

Verhallen, M.
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East African Medical Journal

OBJECTIVE: To assess prescribing practice of Primary Health Care (PHC) workers in church owned health care facilities using WHO drug use indicators. DESIGN: A cross-sectional study in which twenty primary health care facilities were randomly selected. Prescribing indicators were obtained by analysing outpatient records retrospectively for the past 14 months between January 1997 and February 1998. This period was chosen because of compete records of outpatient attendances. Patient care and facility indicators were recorded prospectively during the study period.

Massele, A. Y.
Nsimba, S. E.
Rimoy, G.
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Evidence supporting a relationship between religion and physical health has increased substantially in the recent past. One possible explanation for this relationship that has not received much attention in the literature is that health care utilization may differ by religious involvement or religious denomination. A nationally representative sample of older adults was used to estimate the effects of religious salience and denomination on six different types of preventative health care (i.e.

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Brown, Carolyn
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BACKGROUND: The relationship between perinatal psychiatric disorders and the use of effective contraceptive methods among postpartum women served by primary care clinics has not been established. STUDY DESIGN: This was a prospective cohort study with 831 pregnant women recruited from 10 primary care clinics of the public sector in S„o Paulo followed up to 18 months after delivery. RESULTS: Among 701 postpartum women, 644 women (91.8%) had resumed sexual activity. Two hundred fifty-three women (39.2%) were classified as using a less effective contraception method (LECM).

Faisal-Cury, Alexandre
Menezes, Paulo Rossi
Huang, Hsiang
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International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine

OBJECTIVE: This study examines the association between a self-reported loving relationship with God and the presence of depressed affect. Building on prior clinical and epidemiologic research on religious factors in mental health, it seeks to extend consideration to internal religious resources. METHOD: Data are from 205 primary care outpatients who completed a self-administered survey inquiring about their relationship with God, their mental and physical health, and various religious and psychosocial issues.

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The New England Journal of Medicine

Comparisons between the United Kingdom and the United States reveal definite differences in the style and content of primary medical practice. In the United States emphasis is on diagnosis. In the United Kingdom emphasis is on continuity and homebased care supported by a nationwide network of paramedical and social services. In both countries more is known about what discontents physicians than what satisfies patients.

Robinson, D.
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Southern Medical Journal

Primary care physicians may often see patients with transient emotional or behavioral problems. Brief office counseling is an action-oriented treatment method that requires the physician to develop both a therapeutic relationship and behavioral contract with the patient. The physician needs to create a secure, permissive, and confidential atmosphere in which the patient can feel comfortable to discuss freely his innermost thoughts and feelings.

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