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Stanford Law Review

In this note, Katherine A. White explores the conflict between religious health care providers who provide care in accordance with their religious beliefs and the patients who want access to medical care that these religious providers find objectionable. Specifically, she examines Roman Catholic health care institutions and HMOs that follow the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services and considers other religious providers with similar beliefs.

White, K. A.
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American Journal of Surgery

BACKGROUND: Teaching professionalism effectively to fully engaged residents is a significant challenge. A key question is whether the integration of professionalism into residency education leads to a change in resident culture. METHODS: The goal of this study was to assess whether professionalism has taken root in the surgical resident culture 3 years after implementing our professionalism curriculum.

Hochberg, Mark S.
Berman, Russell S.
Kalet, Adina L.
Zabar, Sondra R.
Gillespie, Colleen
Pachter, H. Leon
Surgical Professionalism and Interpersonal Communications Education Study Group
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Journal of empirical research on human research ethics: JERHRE

Research data repositories (RDRs) are data storage entities where data can be submitted, stored, and subsequently accessed for purposes beyond the original intent. There is little information relating to non-biological RDRs, nor considerations regarding pediatric data storage and re-use. We examined parent perspectives on pediatric, non-biological RDRs. Qualitative, descriptive methods including both interviews and focus groups were used. Purposive sampling of adult participants in two provincial birth cohorts yielded 19 interviewees and 18 focus group participants (4 groups).

Manhas, Kiran P.
Page, Stacey
Dodd, Shawn X.
Letourneau, Nicole
Ambrose, Aleta
Cui, Xinjie
Tough, Suzanne C.
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African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines: AJTCAM / African Networks on Ethnomedicines

The study explored the perceptions, knowledge and attitudes of patients, health workers and traditional healers about the use of traditional medicine and Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART).

Puoane, T. R.
Hughes, G. D.
Uwimana, J.
Johnson, Q.
Folk, W. R.
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Federal Supplement
U.S. District Court, S.D. Ohio, W.D
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