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Journal of the Neurological Sciences

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive disease which is caused by degeneration of motor neurons in the central nervous system. The incidence of ALS is higher in men than women, but the female advantage disappears with increased age. Here, we report evidence that the female advantage is due to the protective role of estrogen. In an ALS mouse model carrying the human Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (hSOD1) G93A transgene, ovariectomy did not alter the onset age of the disease while reducing the female lifespan by 7 days and making it comparable to that of the male transgenic mice.

Choi, Chan-Il
Lee, Young-Don
Gwag, Byoung Joo
Cho, Sung Ig
Kim, Sung-Soo
Suh-Kim, Haeyoung
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Developmental Science

Implicit skill learning underlies obtaining not only motor, but also cognitive and social skills through the life of an individual. Yet, the ontogenetic changes in humans' implicit learning abilities have not yet been characterized, and, thus, their role in acquiring new knowledge efficiently during development is unknown. We investigated such learning across the lifespan, between 4 and 85 years of age with an implicit probabilistic sequence learning task, and we found that the difference in implicitly learning high- vs.

Janacsek, Karolina
Fiser, JÛzsef
Nemeth, Dezso
Publication Title: 
Psychiatric Research Reports
Goldman, R.
Publication Title: 
Experimental Aging Research

The statistical characteristics of body weight in a number of longitudinally studied mouse populations were examined. Frequency distribution of body weights appears to be rather "fluid" (though within a strict range), changing from symmetric to positively skewed to symmetric and finally to negatively skewed as the mice pass through the stages of early maturity, middle age, and senescence. Because body weight is a highly integrated physiological variable, it is postulated that various diets which affect survivorship would affect body weight frequency distribution similarly.

Economos, A. C.
Miquel, J.
Publication Title: 
The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology

The synapsin family of neuronal phosphoproteins is composed of three genes (SYN1, SYN2 and SYN3) with alternative splicing resulting in a number of variants with various levels of homology. These genes have been postulated to play significant roles in several neuropsychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and epilepsy. Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms, such as histone modifications in gene regulatory regions, have also been proposed to play a role in a number of psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.

Cruceanu, Cristiana
Alda, Martin
Nagy, Corina
Freemantle, Erika
Rouleau, Guy A.
Turecki, Gustavo
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The Breast Journal

Breast cancer is a major health problem and concern of women religious in the USA. Although they have been identified as a high-risk population, only a limited number of breast health studies have been conducted. The purpose of this study was to explore breast-related health practices (breast self-examination [BSE], clinical breast examination [CBE], and mammography) of women religious residing in the United States. A survey design was used to collect a national sample. The probability sample consisted of 1,615 women religious between the ages of 24 and 99 (mean age = 64.5).

Thiel, Linda
Publication Title: 
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

Although the concept of investments in romantic relationships has featured prominently in close relationships research, there have been no empirical analyses of different types of investments and their possible differential predictive power regarding relationship state or fate. With data from five independent samples, the authors offer and examine investments that differ in terms of their timing (past vs. planned) and materiality (tangible vs. intangible).

Goodfriend, Wind
Agnew, Christopher R.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Perceiving similarity between oneself and one's romantic partner benefits both the individual and the relationship and can arise from multiple pathways that draw either the partner closer to the self or the self closer to the partner. The current research focuses on the latter. The authors investigate novel circumstances under which the self-concepts of individuals in romantic relationships may intertwine.

Slotter, Erica B.
Gardner, Wendi L.
Publication Title: 
Economics and Human Biology

Both in the UK and in the US, we observe puzzling gender asymmetries in the propensity to outmarry: Black men are more likely to have white spouses than Black women, but the opposite is true for Chinese: Chinese men are half less likely to be married to a White person than Chinese women. We argue that differences in height distributions, combined with a simple preference for the husband to be taller than the wife, can help explain these ethnic-specific gender asymmetries. Blacks are taller than Asians, and we argue that this significantly affects their marriage prospects with whites.

Belot, MichËle
Fidrmuc, Jan
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Sexual Medicine

INTRODUCTION: To provide a foundation for those who provide sexual health services and programs to men in the United States, the need for population-based data that describes men's sexual behaviors and their correlates remains. AIMS: The purpose of this study was to, in a national probability survey of men ages 18-94 years, assess the occurrence and frequency of sexual behaviors and their associations with relationship status and health status.

Reece, Michael
Herbenick, Debby
Schick, Vanessa
Sanders, Stephanie A.
Dodge, Brian
Fortenberry, J. Dennis


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