Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-kit

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Journal of Endodontics

INTRODUCTION: Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) have received much attention as a promising population of stem cells in regenerative endodontics. Securing a good blood supply during regeneration is a challenging task because of the constricted apical canal opening, which allows only a limited blood supply. The aim of this study was to investigate any potential synergistic effects of dental pulp stem cells and endothelial cells (ECs) on osteo-/odontogenic and angiogenic differentiation in vitro.

Dissanayaka, Waruna Lakmal
Zhan, Xuan
Zhang, Chengfei
Hargreaves, Kenneth M.
Jin, Lijian
Tong, Edith H. Y.
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Reproductive Toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.)

4-Vinylcyclohexene diepoxide (VCD), an occupational chemical that targets ovarian follicles and accelerates ovarian failure in rodents, was used to test the effect of early-onset reproductive senescence on mammary fibroadenoma formation. One-month female Sprague Dawley rats were dosed with VCD (80 mg/kg or 160 mg/kg) and monitored for 22 months for persistent estrus and tumor development. Only high-dose VCD treatment accelerated the onset of persistent estrus relative to controls. However, both doses of VCD accelerated mammary tumor onset by 5 months, increasing incidence to 84% (vs.

Wright, Laura E.
Frye, Jennifer B.
Lukefahr, Ashley L.
Marion, Samuel L.
Hoyer, Patricia B.
Besselsen, David G.
Funk, Janet L.
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World journal of gastroenterology: WJG

AIM: To investigate the effects of Lizhong Tang, an herbal product used in traditional Chinese medicine, on mouse small intestine interstitial cells of Cajal (ICCs). METHODS: Enzymatic digestions were used to dissociate ICCs from mouse small intestine tissues. The ICCs were morphologically distinct from other cell types in culture and were identified using phase contrast microscopy after verification with anti c-kit antibody. A whole-cell patch-clamp configuration was used to record potentials (current clamp) from cultured ICCs. All of the experiments were performed at 30-32 °C.

Hwang, Min Woo
Kim, Jung Nam
Song, Ho Jun
Lim, Bora
Kwon, Young Kyu
Kim, Byung Joo
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World journal of gastroenterology: WJG

Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are the most common soft tissue sarcoma of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting from an activating mutation of stem cell factor receptor (KIT), and an activating mutation of the homologous platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFRA) kinase. Most GISTs (90%-95%) are KIT-positive. About 5% of GISTs are truly negative for KIT expression. GISTs have been documented to resistant conventional chemotherapeutics.

Sendur, Mehmet Ali Nahit
Ozdemir, Nuriye Yildirim
Akinci, Muhammed Bülent
Uncu, Dogan
Zengin, Nurullah
Aksoy, Sercan
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Journal of Smooth Muscle Research = Nihon Heikatsukin Gakkai Kikanshi

Effects of acupuncture treatment on mechanical responses produced by transmural nerve stimulation (TNS) and acetylcholine (ACh) were investigated in circular smooth muscle preparations isolated from the antrum of the stomach of genetically hyperglycemic rats. While control rats had blood glucose levels of about 140 mg/dl, this was approximately tripled in the genetically hyperglycemic rats, but only doubled in the acupuncture treated genetically hyperglycemic rats.

Fukuta, Hiroyasu
Koshita, Makoto
Nakamura, Eri
Nakamura, Hironori
Yamada, Atsushi
Kawase, Yoshiyuki
Ishigami, Tatsuyo
Kurono, Yasuzo
Iino, Satoshi
Suzuki, Hikaru
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PloS One

Depletion of interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) is certified in the stomach of diabetic patients. Though electroacupuncture (EA) at ST36 is an effective therapy to regulate gastric motility, the mechanisms of EA at ST36 on gastric emptying and networks of ICC remain to be elucidated. The aims of this study were to investigate the effects of EA on gastric emptying and on the alterations of ICC networks.

Chen, Yan
Xu, Juan Juan
Liu, Shi
Hou, Xiao Hua
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