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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Some researchers in the field of ageing claim that significant extension of the human lifespan will be possible in the near future. While many of these researchers have assumed that the community will welcome this technology, there has been very little research on community attitudes to life extension. This paper presents the results of an in-depth qualitative study of community attitudes to life extension across age groups and religious boundaries.

Underwood, Mair
Bartlett, Helen P.
Partridge, Brad
Lucke, Jayne
Hall, Wayne D.
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Sociology of Health & Illness

This paper considers the ways in which accounts from Glasgow Catholics diverge from those of Protestants and explores the reasons why people leave jobs, including health grounds. Accounts reveal experiences distinctive to Catholics, of health-threatening stress, obstacles to career progression within (mainly) private-sector organisations, and interactional difficulties which create particular problems for (mainly) middle class men. This narrows the employment options for upwardly mobile Catholics, who may then resort to self-employment or other similarly stressful options.

Walls, Patricia
Williams, Rory
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American Journal of Public Health

As Catholic-owned hospitals merge with or take over other facilities, they impose restrictions on reproductive health services, including abortion and contraceptive services. Our interviews with US obstetrician-gynecologists working in Catholic-owned hospitals revealed that they are also restricted in managing miscarriages. Catholic-owned hospital ethics committees denied approval of uterine evacuation while fetal heart tones were still present, forcing physicians to delay care or transport miscarrying patients to non-Catholic-owned facilities.

Freedman, Lori R.
Landy, Uta
Steinauer, Jody
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Women's Health Issues: Official Publication of the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health

INTRODUCTION: In the United States, ectopic pregnancies are relatively common and associated with significant maternal morbidity and mortality. The Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (the Directives) govern the provision of care in Catholic-affiliated hospitals and prohibit the provision of abortion in almost all circumstances.

Foster, Angel M.
Dennis, Amanda
Smith, Fiona
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Journal of Community Health

This community health needs assessment-the first part of a mixed-methods project-sought to qualitatively examine the impact of the closure of St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center, a large not-for-profit hospital in NYC, on individuals who used its services.

Romero, Diana
Kwan, Amy
Swearingen, Justin
Nestler, Sue
Cohen, Neal
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Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community

This study explores the sexual experiences and sexual health of Roman Catholic priests.

McDevitt, Patrick J.
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American Journal of Health Behavior

OBJECTIVES: To assess cancer perceptions among churchgoers and to examine the potential influence of fatalism and religious beliefs on the use of cancer screening tests. METHODS: Eight semi-structured focus groups were conducted among 67 Hispanic Catholics in Massachusetts. RESULTS: In this sample, there were few references to fatalistic beliefs about cancer and nearly universal endorsement of the utility of cancer screening for cancer early detection. Most participants reported that their religious beliefs encouraged them to use health services, including cancer-screening tests.

Leyva, Bryan
Allen, Jennifer D.
Tom, Laura S.
Ospino, Hosffman
Torres, Maria Idali
Abraído-Lanza, Ana F.
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Culture, Health & Sexuality

In Timor-Leste, high fertility, high maternal mortality and low levels of contraceptive prevalence demonstrate the importance of exploring perceptions, policies and practices around reproductive health and rights. This paper explores the influence of the Catholic Church on reproductive decision-making at different levels of policy and practice.

Richards, Esther
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AIMS AND BACKGROUND: Research on the topic of hope began a long time ago but, more recently, interest in this construct has focused mainly on the development of psychometric tools for its assessment. The 2 steps of the present article are defining the construct of hope by completing a preliminary review of the literature and analyzing the tools used to assess hope in the setting of oncologic medicine, conducting a systematic review of the existing scientific literature. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Our study was conducted in 2 stages.

Piccinelli, Claudia
Clerici, Carlo Alfredo
Veneroni, Laura
Ferrari, Andrea
Proserpio, Tullio
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Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer

PURPOSE: Understanding the experience of late effects from the perspective of cancer survivors is essential to inform patient-centred care. This study investigated the nature and onset of late effects experienced by survivors and the manner in which late effects have affected their lives. METHODS: Sixteen purposively selected cancer survivors participated in a qualitative interview study. The data were analysed inductively using a narrative schema in order to derive the main themes that characterised patients' accounts of late effects.

Treanor, Charlene
Donnelly, Michael


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