Quality Of Care

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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIMS: The aim of this study was to describe the nurse-patient relationships and to study how caring behaviours were described. The review question was: What factors influence the caring relationship between a nurse and patient? BACKGROUND: There is a growing perception that nurses fail to provide compassionate and competent care. Policy documents prescribe compassion as an essential aspect of care; however, the evidence drawn on remains unclear and without clear applications to practice.

Wiechula, Rick
Conroy, Tiffany
Kitson, Alison L.
Marshall, Rhianon J.
Whitaker, Nancy
Rasmussen, Philippa
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Health Affairs (Project Hope)

Communicating openly and honestly with patients and families about unexpected medical events-a policy known as full disclosure-improves outcomes for patients and providers. Although many certification and licensing organizations have declared full disclosure to be imperative, the adoption of and adherence to a full disclosure protocol is not common practice in most clinical settings. We conducted a case study of Ascension Health's implementation of a full disclosure protocol at five labor and delivery demonstration sites.

Hendrich, Ann
McCoy, Christine Kocot
Gale, Jane
Sparkman, Lora
Santos, Palmira
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Urologic Oncology

OBJECTIVES: Collection of clinical data and associated tissue samples has become an essential tool for oncologic research. Since 1990, efforts have been ongoing to implement prospective documentation of all oncologic cases in our department accompanied by a special aftercare program ensuring regular visits and reliable data acquisition. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Our prospective database comprises a total of 6,567 cases covering all types of urologic malignancies: prostate (40.7%), renal (30.5%), urothelial (21.8%), testicular (5.8%), penile (0.8%), and other (0.4%).

Huber, Johannes
Herpel, Esther
Jakobi, Hildegard
Hadaschik, Boris A.
Pahernik, Sascha
Hohenfellner, Markus
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