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Likars'ka Sprava

Last years saw a series of publications published in different medical editions, concerning an application sphere of physiotherapy. These publications cast doubt on reflexotherapy as an independent medical discipline. New term physiopuncture was proposed in such publications, actually it is a try terminologically and in practice to substitute acupuncture and its methods (i.e. reflexotherapy) by an other medical specialty physiotherapy.

Macheret, E. L.
Chervonny?, I. P.
Kovalenko, O. E.
Kireev, V. V.
Chuprina, G. N.
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Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova (Moscow, Russia: 1952)

Observed were 117 patients with different neuroses (neurasthenia, hysteria, obsessive) involving intense vasoautonomic paroxysms of sympathetic-adrenal, vagoinsular and combined nature. Unfavorable course of such neuroses was noted. Combined one-session acupuncture and hypnosis treatment is put forth and the increased hypnogenicity phenomenon was demonstrated under acupuncture therapy. Both techniques benefited from their combination.

Ole?nikov, N. I.
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Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, I Lechebno? Fizichesko? Kultury

The objective of this work was to compare effectiveness of non-medicamentous methods for the treatment of patients with neurotic anxiety disorders. The study included 193 patients at the age from 18 to 40 years. They were offered the following methods of non-medicamentous therapy: psychotherapy, phytotherapy, and reflexotherapy (acupuncture). Psychotherapy was the first-line treatment while phytotherapy and reflexotherapy were used as adjuvant modalities. Patients of the control group received psychotherapy alone.

Bozhko, S. A.
Tiuvina, N. A.
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Diekmeier, L.
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Ortopediia Travmatologiia I Protezirovanie

The authors have carried out clinical observation and treatment of 78 patients with cervical osteochondrosis with manifestations of hypermobility of the cervical spine. The complex of curative measures included administration of mild massage of the collar area and the upper extremities, stage-by-stage exercise therapy, distraction of the cervical spine according to a specially elaborated technique and acureflexotherapy (ART).

Polienko, E. P.
Galkina, M. G.
Kochetkov, Iu T.
Piliaev, V. G.
Golubeva, O. I.
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Professioni Infermieristiche

Foot reflexology is both a diagnostic technique and therapy. It is an alternative therapy which is considered useful in pain management. Its effectiveness as a therapy has been studied at the Mestre hospital where a clinical study has been undertaken to determine the effectiveness of reflexology in the reduction of pain. A group of 40 persons suffering almost exclusively from a lumbar-sacral disc hernia received three treatments of reflexology massage for a week. The results found that 25 persons (62.5%) reported a reduction in pain, (rating at 0.75 on a scale of 0-4).

Degan, M.
Fabris, F.
Vanin, F.
Bevilacqua, M.
Genova, V.
Mazzucco, M.
Negrisolo, A.
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Vestnik Oftalmologii

The paper describes the methods and results of multimodality treatment for progressive myopia in children and adolescents, by applying acupuncture, massage, and manual therapy. Thirty-three patients aged 7 to 17 years who had progressive myopia of 0.5 to 10.8 diopters were treated by an original procedure as repeated courses. Their follow-up lasted 2 years. A beneficial therapeutic effect as increases in uncorrected and subcorrected visual acuity, ocular accommodation reserves, and myopia regression rates was observed in 64% of the patients.

Neroev, V. V.
Chuvilina, M. V.
Tarutta, E. P.
Ivanov, A. N.
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Fertility and Sterility

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether foot reflexology, a complementary therapy, has an effect greater than sham reflexology on induction of ovulation. DESIGN: Sham-controlled randomized trial with patients and statistician blinded. SETTING: Infertility clinic in Plymouth, United Kingdom. PATIENT(S): Forty-eight women attending the clinic with anovulation. INTERVENTION(S): Women were randomized to receive eight sessions of either genuine foot reflexology or sham reflexology with gentle massage over 10 weeks.

Holt, Jane
Lord, Jonathan
Acharya, Umesh
White, Adrian
O'Neill, Nyree
Shaw, Steve
Barton, Andy
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Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, I Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury

Sixty children suffering the diplegic form of juvenile cerebral palsy were admitted to a specialized therapeutic center for medical examination and treatment. In 30 patients, background therapy (remedial gymnastics, manual massage) was supplemented by microcurrent reflexotherapy targeted at biologically active points (BAPs) located paravertebrally in the paretic limb muscles and in the zones of craniotherapy. The remaining children (n = 30) were given medicines affecting neurotrophic processes in the central nervous system in addition to background therapy.

Ukhanova, T. A.
Gorbunov, F. E.
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Meditsina Truda I Promyshlennaia Ekologiia

Level of efficiency of CERAGEM MASTER CGM-M3500 treatment device applied for occupational patients suffering from bronchi and lung pathological states has been shown in the paper. Positive effects of treatment have been assessed as reliably high and were proved by improvement of clinical and functional indices, subjunctive self-evaluation of health by patients and positive signs in the clinical course of the diseases. Diagnostic complex has been analyzed, including hematological indicators of the peripheral blood, oxygenation of the capillary blood, immunology.

Artemova, L. V.
Sorkina, N. S.
Rumiantseva, O. I.
Komarova, S. G.
Rudyĭ, S. S.
Petrykina, M. V.


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