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Prosthetics and Orthotics International

Immediate support is needed by parents when a limb deficient child has been delivered, a time when parents' fears and problems are greatest. This support involves special skills not readily available in the community. Thus it is important that these children and their parents are referred to Specialist Clinics by their local doctor immediately after birth. Experienced therapists and medical social workers attached to these clinics are not normally available to obstetric specialists and general practitioners.

Angliss, V.
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Complementary Therapies in Nursing & Midwifery

A study investigated the use of aromatherapy hand and foot massage on 11 patients in a rural rehabilitation setting. An education programme for nurses, carers and family members was developed and implemented. Clinical outcomes--pain, anxiety, joint flexibility and skin condition were evaluated using Likert scales completed before, and after, treatment at three time points and open questions to ascertain patients' feelings about the treatments. Each patient had three treatments, making a total of 33 massages.

Dunning, T.
James, K.
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Disability and Rehabilitation

OBJECTIVE: To study the add-on effects of pranayama and meditation in rehabilitation of patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). PATIENTS AND METHOD: This randomized control pilot study was conducted in neurological rehabilitation unit of university tertiary research hospital. Twenty-two GBS patients, who consented for the study and satisfied selection criteria, were randomly assigned to yoga and control groups. Ten patients in each group completed the study.

Sendhilkumar, Ragupathy
Gupta, Anupam
Nagarathna, Raghuram
Taly, Arun B.
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

BACKGROUND: Neurogenic bladder dysfunction (NBD) is a common distressful symptom in multiple sclerosis (MS) affecting quality of life. Yoga has been widely used in treating various symptoms of patients with MS. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the effect of integrated Yoga for NBD in patients with MS as an adjunct to standard medical care. DESIGN: This open arm, pre-post study design assessed the outcome measures at base line and after 21 days of integrated Yoga intervention.

Patil, N. J.
Nagaratna, R.
Garner, C.
Raghuram, N. V.
Crisan, R.
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Journal of Traumatic Stress

The present study evaluated whether Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptom severity was associated with participation and treatment outcomes comparing a Vipassana meditation course to treatment as usual in an incarcerated sample. This study utilizes secondary data. The original study demonstrated that Vipassana meditation is associated with reductions in substance use. The present study found that PTSD symptom severity did not differ significantly between those who did and did not volunteer to take the course.

Simpson, T. L.
Kaysen, D.
Bowen, S.
MacPherson, L. M.
Chawla, N.
Blume, A.
Marlatt, G. A.
Larimer, M.
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Anesthésie, Analgésie, Réanimation

From 1974 to 1979, the rehabilitation centers of the association "Le Patriarche" located in the country side of southern France, have received 446 chronic polydrugs users who has consumed at one time or an other cannabis (marihuana, hashish) (87 p. cent), LSD (66 p. cent) and other hallucinogens (35 p. cent), psychodepressants (55 p. cent), psychostimulants (amphetamines, 85 p. cent; cocaïne, 50 p. cent) and opium and its derivatives (brown sugar, 47 p. cent; opiates, 67 p. cent; heroin, 50 p. cent). The dominant addictive drug was heroin and opiates, 52 p.

Laffont, F.
Engelmajer, L.
Vourc'h, G.
Nahas, G.
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Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova

The authors make an analysis of treatment of 188 patients with noncomplicated compressive fractures of the vertebral column in the thoracolumbar part performed at the stationary rehabilitation center. The course of restorative treatment was as long as 31-40 days and included individual and group trainings of exercise therapy, massage, hydrokinesotherapy, thermo-, electro-, photo- and magnetotherapy. Results of the treatment were followed in 81 patients. Excellent and good results were obtained in 43 patients (53%), unsatisfactory--in 7 patients (8.6%).

Bagaturiia, G. O.
Chanov, V. L.
Kutushev, F. Kh
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Die Rehabilitation

In order to investigate the long-term effect of clinical rehabilitation measures as well as the additional effect of prescription of a special pillow in patients suffering from chronic cervicobrachialgia a total of 149 patients was investigated. All patients suffered from chronic cervicobrachialgia and were admitted for rehabilitative treatment in the orthopaedic Elfenmaar-Klinik of Bad Bertrich. For a four-week period the patients were treated with physical therapy including gymnastics, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, and massage.

Gutenbrunner, C.
Gundermann, G.
Hager, G.
Hager, V.
Gehrke, A.
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Die Rehabilitation

Initiated by the Federal Insurance Institute for Salaried Employees (BfA, Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte), the project is aimed at developing an evidence-based guideline for rehabilitation of patients with low back pain (LBP). Guideline development will be based on a systematic review of the literature, an analysis of the treatment procedures currently employed in rehabilitation, inclusion of the patients' perspectives as well as consultation of experts' panels of clinically experienced physicians and therapists.

Gülich, M.
Engel, E.-M.
Rose, S.
Klosterhuis, H.
Jäckel, W. H.
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Dansk Medicinhistorisk Årbog

At the turn of the previous century, the number of inhabitants in the City of Copenhagen increased greatly. A new large hospital, Bispebjerg Hospital, stood ready in 1913. At the time, access to light, fresh air, and open spaces was considered to be important factors in the battle against disease. Physical treatment such as different forms of bathing, massage, exercise, electricity and radioactivity were also much relied upon, and a large building for this treatment in the form of a Roman thermal bath was built at the clinic of physical medicine.

Permin, Henrik
Hansen, Sven Erik


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