Religious Meditation

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Death Studies

From a Buddhist perspective, grief becomes complicated because mourners have trouble accommodating the reality of impermanence in the face of deep and unwelcome change, as they struggle to make sense of the "event story" of their loss and to revise their life story and identity accordingly.

Neimeyer, Robert A.
Young-Eisendrath, Polly
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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

BACKGROUND: Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a hemodynamic condition in which the pressure in the bed of the pulmonary arteries is elevated. Although medications have improved both symptoms and mortality, PH remains a debilitating and devastating disease. Little is known about the effects of nonpharmacologic approaches, such as yoga and meditative breathing, in treatment of the disease.

Awdish, Rana
Small, Bronwyn
Cajigas, Hector


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