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The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics: A Journal of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Both international and federal regulations exist to ensure that scientists perform research on human subjects in an environment free of coercion and in which the benefits of the research are commensurate with the risks involved. Ensuring that these conditions hold is difficult, and perhaps even more so when protocols include the issue of monetary compensation of research subjects.

VanderWalde, Ari
Kurzban, Seth
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Journal of Medical Ethics

BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE: Several factors that motivate individuals to participate in non-therapeutic studies have been identified. This study was conducted as limited data is available regarding these motivations from developing countries. METHODS: This was a single-centre study conducted over 4 months in which a questionnaire was administered to 102 healthy participants and 16 patient participants who had earlier taken part in non-therapeutic studies at our centre. Descriptive statistics and univariate analysis were used to analyse data.

Doshi, Maulik Sumantbhai
Kulkarni, Shaunak P.
Ghia, Canna J.
Gogtay, Nithya J.
Thatte, Urmila Mukund
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Transfusion Clinique Et Biologique: Journal De La Societe Francaise De Transfusion Sanguine

Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Most often, this act is done on a volunteer basis and, depending on countries and circumstances, is not remunerated. The increase in need, the always-greater number of deferral criteria, the safety issues and the changes in the structures of our societies are among the many subjects for ethical debates.

Tissot, J.-D.
Garraud, O.
Danic, B.
Cabaud, J.-J.
LefrËre, J.-J.
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Malaria Journal

BACKGROUND: Delayed clearance of Plasmodium falciparum parasites is used as an operational indicator of potential artemisinin resistance. Effective community-based systems to detect P. falciparum cases remaining positive 72 hours after initiating treatment would be valuable for guiding case follow-up in areas of known resistance risk and for detecting areas of emerging resistance. METHODS: Systems incorporating existing networks of village malaria workers (VMWs) to monitor day three-positive P. falciparum cases were piloted in three provinces in western Cambodia.

Cox, Jonathan
Dy Soley, Lek
Bunkea, Tol
Sovannaroth, Siv
Soy Ty, Kheang
Ngak, Song
Bjorge, Steven
Ringwald, Pascal
Mellor, Steven
Sintasath, David
Meek, Sylvia
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