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Family Planning Perspectives

A survey of the attitudes and practices of general practitioners in Northern Ireland regarding contraception and abortion was carried out in 1994 and 1995 with a randomized sample of 154 physicians. The vast majority of doctors who received requests for contraceptives from their patients fulfilled those request (94%). Overall, 13% of the doctors said a married patient had requested an abortion in the past three months, and 34% had had a similar request from an unmarried patient.

Francome, C.
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This study questions the findings of most research claiming that teenage pregnancies are generally unwanted, unplanned and unintended. It starts with the question of why most sexually active teenagers put themselves at risk of becoming pregnant if they do not desire it. The hypothesis is that sentiments of "love" and "aspirations for marriage" are related to starting sexual activity and subsequent pregnancy. The sample is 123 school-age mothers.

Scott, J. W.
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Journal of Biosocial Science

This paper proposes a causal model of sexual activity among a randomly selected sample of 305 Junio secondary school girls in Zambia. The results indicate that liberal sexual attitudes influence romantic involvement with boys. Emotional involvement is likely to result in sexual activity. Traditional courtship forms are slowly being replaced by modern patterns of courtship behaviour. Policy and programme implications are discussed.

Pillai, V. K.
Barton, T.
Benefo, K.
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AIDS care

The way in which sex may be constructed as safe through its relationship with 'love' is the concern of this study. Interviews with 112 heterosexual women and men from discos and bars in Melbourne, Australia, catering to single adults revealed the pervasive construction of sex within the discourses of 'love' and 'romance'. The relationship of these discourses to unsafe practices is discussed and the article presents an analysis of the normative function of the sex-as-love/sex-as-desire opposition in terms of safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Rosenthal, D.
Gifford, S.
Moore, S.
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AIDS education and prevention: official publication of the International Society for AIDS Education

Although there is some evidence that relationship-level factors influence sexual behavior, they have received far less attention than individual-level factors as potential correlates of condom use. This study surveyed 210 undergraduate men and women to examine the association between relationship characteristics and condom use. Higher levels of love, longer relationships and more serious and committed relationships were individually associated with less condom use.

Civic, D.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: Systematic reviews (SRs) are abundant. The optimal reporting of SRs is critical to enable clinicians to use their findings to make informed treatment decisions. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies are widely used therefore it is critical that conduct and reporting of systematic research in this field be of high quality. Here, methodological and reporting characteristics of a sample of CAM-related SRs and a sample of control SRs are evaluated and compared. METHODS: MEDLINE(®) was searched to identify non-Cochrane SRs indexed from January 2010 to May 2011.

Turner, Lucy
Galipeau, James
Garritty, Chantelle
Manheimer, Eric
Wieland, L. Susan
Yazdi, Fatemeh
Moher, David
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Homeopathy: The Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy

This report summarises the latest research developments in the field of high dilutions and homeopathy, as presented at the GIRI symposium of the leading international organisation of scientists in this field, in Florence, Italy in September 2012. The scientific community's early scepticism concerning the possible biological and pharmacological activity of highly diluted solutions, is giving way to a more open-minded attitude that no longer obstructs critical and experimental investigations in this emerging field of biomedicine.

Betti, Lucietta
Trebbi, Grazia
Olioso, Debora
Marzotto, Marta
Bellavite, Paolo
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