Residence Characteristics

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Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology: The Official Journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Psychological Association, Division 53

Hundreds of validated evidence-based intervention programs (EBIP) aim to improve families' well-being; however, most are not broadly adopted. As an alternative diffusion strategy, we created wellness centers to reach families' everyday lives with a prevention framework. At two wellness centers, one in a middle-class neighborhood and one in a low-income neighborhood, popular local activity leaders (instructors of martial arts, yoga, sports, music, dancing, Zumba), and motivated parents were trained to be Family Mentors.

Rotheram-Borus, Mary Jane
Swendeman, Dallas
Becker, Kimberly D.
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Some researchers in the field of ageing claim that significant extension of the human lifespan will be possible in the near future. While many of these researchers have assumed that the community will welcome this technology, there has been very little research on community attitudes to life extension. This paper presents the results of an in-depth qualitative study of community attitudes to life extension across age groups and religious boundaries.

Underwood, Mair
Bartlett, Helen P.
Partridge, Brad
Lucke, Jayne
Hall, Wayne D.
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American Journal of Public Health

OBJECTIVES: We investigated the characteristics of the oldest old in China and examined whether the factors associated with longevity varied with advanced age. METHODS: Drawing from the largest nationally representative longitudinal sample of oldest-old adults, we stratified descriptive statistics separately by gender and urban-rural residence and then used ordered logit models to examine the multivariate factors associated with increasing age-group membership.

Dupre, Matthew E.
Liu, Guangya
Gu, Danan
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Collegium Antropologicum

The aim of this study was to provide an overview of the exceptional longevity patterns in Croatia. The prevalence of nonagenarians (aged 90 years or more) and centenarians (100 years or more) was calculated from the 1953-2001 census data. The data were analyzed with chi-square test and trend analysis. The results indicate steady and significant increasing trends in both age groups, more pronounced in women.

Masanovi?, Marija
Sogori?, Selma
Kolci?, Ivana
Curi?, Ivo
Smoljanovi?, Ankica
Rami?, Senad
Cala, Matija
Polasek, Ozren
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Review of Czechoslovak Medicine
Hejda, S.
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Human Biology

The purpose of this study was to review published studies on the variability of age at menarche and age at menopause throughout the world, and to identify the main causes for age variation in the timing of these events. We first present a summary table including mean (or median) values of the age at menarche in 67 countries, and of the age at menopause in 26 countries.

Thomas, F.
Renaud, F.
Benefice, E.
de Mee¸s, T.
Guegan, J. F.
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Roczniki Pa?stwowego Zak?adu Higieny

The aim of the study was to determine the preferences and nutritional habits of Warsaw centenarians during their "third period" of life. The study was conducted by a questionnaire method among 29 centenarians. Most of centenarians had general good health condition. Almost 60% of centenarians performed manual labor in the past. Then they drank small amounts of alcohol irregularly. Several percent of centenarians smoked in the past. Before the age of sixty less people then at present snacked between meals.

Ko??ajtis-Do?owy, Anna
Pietruszka, Barbara
Ka?uza, Joanna
Pawli?iska-Chmara, Romana
Broczek, Katarzyna
Mossakowska, Ma?gorzata
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Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health / Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health

Japan has the longest life expectancy at birth (LEB) in the world. Okinawa, Japan's poorest prefecture, previously had the highest longevity indices in the country. However, the latest LEB for men in Okinawa is no higher than the national average. The purpose of this study is to examine why the longevity indices in Okinawa were once the highest in Japan, and to examine the reasons for their recent decline. In 1990, in Okinawa, the age-adjusted death rates (ADR) of the three leading causes of death were lower than their national averages.

Miyagi, S.
Iwama, N.
Kawabata, T.
Hasegawa, K.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: The traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern (MedDiet) is associated with longevity and low rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, there is little information on who is more likely to follow this food pattern. AIM: To evaluate how different factors are associated with lower MedDiet adherence in older Spanish subjects. METHODS: We included 7305 participants (men aged 55-80 y, women 60-80 y) at high-risk of CVD recruited into the PREDIMED trial (ISRCTN35739639). Socioeconomic, anthropometric, lifestyle characteristics and CVD risk factors were recorded.

Hu, Emily A.
Toledo, Estefania
Diez-Espino, Javier
Estruch, Ramon
Corella, Dolores
Salas-Salvado, Jordi
Vinyoles, Ernest
Gomez-Gracia, Enrique
Aros, Fernando
Fiol, Miquel
Lapetra, Jose
Serra-Majem, Lluis
PintÛ, Xavier
Portillo, Maria Puy
Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M.
Ros, Emilio
Sorli, Jose V.
Martinez-Gonzalez, Miguel A.
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Current Psychiatry Reports

Traumatic events are ubiquitous exposures that interact with life course events to increase risk of acute psychopathology and alter mental health trajectories. While the majority of persons exposed to trauma experience mild to moderate psychological distress followed by a return to pre-trauma health, many persons exposed to trauma experience substantial distress that lasts for several years.

Fink, David S.
Galea, Sandro


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