Respiratory System

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The Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine
Brown, E. A.
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Anaesthesia, Resuscitation, and Intensive Therapy

Flunitrazepam, a derivative of benzodiazepine was used for induction and maintenance of anaesthesia in 933 patients. The induction dose was from 1,786 to 2,053 mg. The total dose of 2-2.66 mg was sufficient for maintenance of hypnosis for about 2 hours. The undesirable side effects were very rare. The average time of hypnosis after a single dose of flunitrazepam was 50.1 sec. The sedative action of the drug lasted for some time after regaining of consciousness. In most patients there was no need for administration of analgetics during first 24 hours after the operation.

Rizzi, R.
Butera, G.
Lion, P.
Pesarin, F.
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The general pharmacological properties of YJA20379-8 (3-butyryl-4-[(R)-1-methylbenzylamino]-8-ethoxy-1,7-naphthyridine, CAS 187654-40-6), a new H+/K(+)-ATPase inhibitor with anti-ulcer activities, were investigated in mice, rats and guinea pigs. YJA20379-8 at oral doses of 25, 50 and 100 mg/kg did not affect the locomotor activity, hexobarbital hypnosis and motor coordination in mice. The drug did not have analgesic action and anticonvulsant action at the doses of 100 mg/kg p.o. The respiration and blood pressure were not affected at 10 mg/kg i.v. in rats.

Lee, E. B.
Cho, S. I.
Chang, H. O.
Chang, M. S.
Kim, K. B.
Lee, S. B.
Choi, W. S.
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Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology

Recent clinical studies have emphasized the up-regulation (sensitization) of cough in pathological conditions of the airways. However there are also many situations where voluntary and reflex cough can be down-regulated.

Widdicombe, John
Singh, Vijay
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Pulmonary damage caused by chronic colonization of the cystic fibrosis (CF) lung by microbial communities is the proximal cause of respiratory failure. While there has been an effort to document the microbiome of the CF lung in pediatric and adult patients, little is known regarding the developing microflora in infants. We examined the respiratory and intestinal microbiota development in infants with CF from birth to 21 months.

Madan, J. C.
Koestler, D. C.
Stanton, B. A.
Davidson, L.
Moulton, L. A.
Housman, M. L.
Moore, J. H.
Guill, M. F.
Morrison, H. G.
Sogin, M. L.
Hampton, T. H.
Karagas, M. R.
Palumbo, P. E.
Foster, J. A.
Hibberd, P. L.
O'Toole, G. A.
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Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, I Lechebnoĭ Fizicheskoĭ Kultury

The present study included 73 patients presenting with bronchial asthma (BA) and concomitant allergic rhinitis (AR). Based on the results of their examination, a program of their two-step treatment was proposed including elimination therapy during 5-7 days followed by the combined treatment with the use of physical factors, such as peloid therapy, supratonal frequency currents, inhalations, massage, and remedial gymnastics. This approach allows to significantly reduce the frequency of clinical manifestations of the primary and concomitant diseases.

Zaripova, T. N.
Antipova, I. I.
Siniagina, M. A.
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Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Disturbance of the normal mucociliary clearance due to hyperproduction of mucus and modification of its physicochemical characteristics is a common finding in airway diseases. Drugs that affect airway secretion have been developed and used to cleanse the respiratory tract for many centuries and in many countries. On the basis of the mechanism of their actions, the mucoactive drugs are classified into several groups. Some mucoactive drugs have direct effects on the production or composition of airway secretions, resulting in increased effectiveness of mucociliary clearance.

Miyata, Takeshi
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Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

The field of applied psychophysiology overlaps a number of others, from behavioral and psychosomatic medicine to Eastern disciplines and complementary medicine. Although the proliferation of societies and professional identities across these fields emphasizes this diversity, it also may hinder growth. The history of our field is one of innovation, often at odds with conventional wisdom and practice. It is important that this innovativeness not be sacrificed in a justified quest for professional respectability.

Lehrer, Paul
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Holistic Nursing Practice

Therapeutic Touch is a manifestation of compassion. It reaches beyond the physical body and its parts. It connects one with the underlying order of the universe. TT is a skill that is invaluable in the care of the PWA on many levels, whether to ease the transition in dying or to ease the discomforts in living. It lies at the heart of healing.

Newshan, G.
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